Kelsey Christensen

Cheerleader of the week

Kelsey Christensen is in her second year as a cheerleader for the Oklahoma State University Cowboys–which took some adjusting after growing up in Colorado.
“The only thing I hate is the humidity here,” she explains, while getting ready to launch the college football season as OSU takes on the Florida State Seminoles this weekend.
Kelsey loves her college teams, though, and she has enough enthusiasm for OSU to pretty much kick off the fall football season by herself.

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  • Birthday:
    April 17, 1994
  • College:
    Oklahoma State University
  • Graduating Class:
  • Major:
    Hotel and Restaurant Administration
  • Hometown:
  • Greek Life:
    Alpha Delta Pi




We’re going to honor the college tradition and start by asking about your major.
My major is Hotel and Restaurant Administration–because I really want to be a wedding planner. It’s more about events planning, but I want to specialize, so I take a lot of cooking classes and advertising classes so I can run my own business in the near future, if I want to. I really enjoyed my Nutrition course–which is weird, because it’s a hard class and I had to study a lot. But I’m a cheerleader, so I really should know what I shouldn’t be eating.
You’re not already eating and training like an athlete=The practices can be really intense, but I’m not super sporty or athletic myself. I’ve been cheering for 12 years, so I’ve never really played sports. I really enjoy cheerleading football and basketball, but my favorite is probably baseball. I have a younger brother who plays baseball, and a younger sister who plays softball, so I’ve fallen in love with those two sports.
Was it easy to make the adjustment to cheering for a college team.
All through high school, I did competitive All-Star Cheerleading. I never did the high school thing where you cheer the games. so when i made the OSU squad, I had no idea what to expect. You walk out to the football field, and there are camera guys shoving their cameras in your face, and you kind of just go with it and smile and act real happy and shake your poms. Then it gets easier because you really do fall in love with OSU foottball, and the games get more intense.Then the fans get so involved, too, which makes everything more fun.
What was your favorite game from your first year on the squad.
Last year’s College GameDay for OSU with Baylor was really memorable. We had to be up super early and stand out in the cold and shake our poms for four hours straight, but it was my favorite game of the season. Tha was my first time experience on live television, and there wasn’t any time to really prepare. It was a lot of fun. There were so many students who were out there early, and it was crazy.
It’s an away game at Baylor this year.
I’m really excited for that one this year. It was freezing, but so much fun–and I’m also excited for the KU/OSU basketball game, and the OU/OSU basketball game, too. And, of course, there’s the whole University of Oklahoma/OSU rivalry. That’s always fun to cheer.
What should we know about OSU–other than the teams there. 
I’m really obsessive about pizza, and I love Hideaway Pizza here–but my other favorite place just closed over the summer. It’s going to become an arcade or a bowling alley, from what I’ve heard. I’m going to miss that place. They had the best bread and dipping sauce ever.
What’s it like being a cheerleader at OSU.
It’s crazy to think about how much people at OSU really respect the cheer program here. I get random messages from students talking about how much they love that the squad shows so much love for OSU. People will come up to you on campus and recognize you, and tell you how happy and…um, cheerleadery you are. Which, you know, I have to be. I’m a cheerleader.