Cheerleader of the week

“I’ve never experienced -0° weather until I came here,” says Hayley, “but otherwise, it’s been pretty easy.”
There have probably been tougher adjustments for students coming to Michigan State from out of town.
Hayley has seen the winters of New Haven, Connecticut, though. We know New Haven is a college town, but Hayley’s made the move to Michigan State for its Hospitality Business program.
Hayley’s also been moving with the Michigan State cheerleaders–and will really have to shout to be heard for this weekend’s big game.

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  • College:
    Michigan State University
  • Year:
  • Graduating Class:
  • Major:
    Hospitality Business
  • Hometown:
    New Haven, CT




What’s it like to take the field during a big rivalry like University of Michigan and Michigan State?
Oh, you can get awestruck being down there. I’ve been cheering since I was 6, and all through high school, so I was experienced in cheering in a game atmosphere. Last year’s game against Michigan was still my first experience being on the college field, and it was just unbelievable. It’s such a rivalry, with people going back and forth like crazy. I can’t speak in public to save my life, but you can usually put me in front of a 70,000 seat stadium, and I’m, all, “I’ve got this”–but my first steps out to the field were definitely overwhelming.
What was it like to audition for Michigan State when you first arrived?
I’d competed on an All-Star Cheerleading Level 5 team, and competed in the Cheerleading Worlds competition twice with that team. A lot of people in Michigan didn’t participate in All Stars because there’s a very specific high-school program, so I really had a lot of additional training to bring to the Michigan State team.
What are the big traditional Michigan cheers?
There’s the “Go Green!” cheer where the crowd responds, “Go White!”–and the guys have a surfer thing going. They’ll lift up a guy in a flat back stunt, and then another guy stands on one guy’s back, so it looks like he’s surfing the waves. The crowd always likes that.
How are you liking Michigan State?
It’s great. On-campus, I love hanging out at the Union. I was there all through my freshman year. It’s quiet, and there’s coffee, and it’s like my studying environment. And there’s a lot of good places off-campus. There’s a place called Cruchy’s that’s really popular with students. It’s not a bar, really. It can feel like a sit-down restaurant–and I’m a vegetarian and they have this crazy good veggie burger.
Is it much different than New Haven as a college town?
It’s different. I had to take an ISB lab as a science requirement, and there’s the Red Cedar River that runs right through our campus. Part of the lab was studying the makeup of the river and seeing if it was healthy. For a couple of classes, we go to put our water waders on and go out to our waists and dig around. It had absolutely nothing to do with my major, but that was cool.