Daniella Diaz

Cheerleader of the week

Daniella Diaz is a sophomore member of the University of Southern Florida Sundolls–the dance team of the USF football and basketball teams.
But it’s not enough for Daniella to practice and perform her routines in front of tens of thousands of fans of students a year, this smart Florida native has taken it upon herself to also commit to double major.
We’ve covered the amazing SunDolls in some of our preseason posts, so we’re extremely excited to be able to bring you a cheerleader spotlight from one of the fastest growing sports programs in the nation.

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  • College:
    University of South Florida
  • Year:
  • Graduating Class:
  • Major:
    Dbl. Major: Mass Communications/Poli Sci
  • Hometown:
    Orange Park, FL




Is there any game in particular that you’re looking forward to this year?
Definitley the UCF game. Obviously, they’re our rival school, but they’re just fourty-five minutes away–and we’re playing them at home this year on a Friday night in late November, so that’s going to make for a great atmosphere.
What’s life like at the University of South Florida?
Personally, I’m in love with it. The college is in Tampa, so we’re in a metropolitan area and there’s always something going on, but we’re also really close to Clearwater Beach and St. Pete Beach. Those are some of the best in Florida. It’s a very laid back lifestyle, but it’s also high-energy if you wish it to be. It’s a little bit of everything for everyone.
How do you think you’ll look back at your years there?
I’ll probably really appreciate the interaction that I’ve had as part of the team–not just with the fans, but with the university. It’s a unique experience. You’re doing things that other students don’t get to do, and it’s like you have this inside look at the university. This has also been great for my major when it comes to making connections and networking. I’ve learned a lot about the field that I want to be in, and it’s made me really comfortable about that decision.
What’s your major?
I’m currently majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis on Journalism, and a minor in Political Science. I want to go into a broadcast journalism position, and definitely want to to something overseas. I’ve been dancing for 17 years now, so I’ve been focused on that for my entire life. If I didn’t dance, I’d probably–I don’t know, exactly. I really can’t picture my life without dance. If I wasn’t dancing with the team, I’m sure I’d be taking a minor in Dance.
Like other members of the Sundolls?
We have some members of our team in the Dance department, and we work around their dance schedule. Our team is very bonded. Every year, we do a Big Sister/Little Sister thing where a veteran adopts a rookie, and we do practices together and share experiences. It’s something that really brings us close together. That’s something that I love about our team. It allows everyone to get to know each other on a different level. We’re not just teammates. We’re extremely good friends in and out of practice.