Kendall Evans

Cheerleader of the week

Kendall Evans is a Senior Captain of the University of Washington Huskies Cheer Team, so we’re happy that she took the time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about what her time at UW means to her.
We can’t help but believe that Kendall and the rest of the cheer squad are responsible for The Huskies’ winning record. The football team will look to Kendall and her teammates to get the home crowd pumped as the Huskies take on UCLA in Seattle.
If you like the energy and spirit Kendall and the UW team bring to Husky Stadium, check out their run toward the College Cheer Nationals this winter.

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  • College:
    University of Washington
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  • Graduating Class:
  • Major:
  • Sorority:
    Delta Gamma
  • Hometown:
    Bellingham, WA





 What are you involved with besides cheerleading?
I’m pretty busy with cheerleading a lot of the time, but I’m also a sister in Delta Gamma so I’m pretty into spending time with my friends at the house and supporting our activities through there.
Do you have a hot tip for where to eat on campus?
Right at our university, there’s a place called The Ave which is walking distance from campus living and it’s a place that all the students go. There’s food up and down it–literally anything you want. Our location is great, we’re right in the city so you can walk pretty much anywhere.
What’s life like at the University of Washington?
I love it. I’ve fallen in love with it. Because of our location, there’s that aspect where we’re able to get that city feel. There’s amazing events going on campus all the time, it’s a great place to be. Everyone really wants to be involved, so I really appreciate that.
When you look back at your years on the UW, what will you remember the most?
Definitely the people will be a big part of my memory. I’ve been a part of this team for four years now and I’ve gotten to meet incredible people who I know will be my friends long after.
Along with that, the incredible opportunities from UW Cheer–such as traveling to away games or different events we’re asked to show up at. You never know who you’re going to meet or connections you’re going to make. It’s very helpful.
Are there any UW Cheerleading traditions we should know?
Of course! Half of the stadium yells, “Go!” and the other half yells, “Huskies.” It’s really crazy to hear in person. Then another thing we do is wear hats for our kickoff, so every time we kickoff we tell the crowd to take their hats off. Then after the game we wear our hats backwards, to celebrate the end of the game win or lose.