Alexa Brewer

Cheerleader of the week

Alexa is a Senior student at Michigan State University and cheerleader on the MSU spirit squad. Not only did she grow up in Haslett (an arduous five minute drive from East Lansing), her mother is a cheerleading coach, so Alexa’s dreamt of being an MSU cheerleader since the age of two.

We sat down to talk to her about her interesting double-major, what she’ll miss the most about cheerleading when she graduates this Spring, and the biggest games to get hyped for.


Remember that even though the college football season is coming to an end, you’ll be able to catch Alexa and the MSU cheer squad at all the basketball games.

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  • College:
    Michigan State University
  • Age:
  • Year:
  • Graduating Class:
  • Major:
    Political Science Pre-Law / History
  • Hometown:
    Haslett, MI



What’s it like at Michigan State
I love it at Michigan State. The atmosphere everywhere is really fun, everyone’s in a great mood. Everyone justloves Michigan State. Haslett is just five minutes down the road from campus, so I kind of grew up around here. So the fact that I wanted to stay speaks for itself.

What are you planning to do with your double major?
I’m planning on going to law school, in fact I’ve already started applying. Michigan State is my number one choice.

What are you going to look back on most?
I’m definitely going to miss being on the field and being close to the athletics that we cheer at. Just the privilege of being on the court for basketball and the field for football games is amazing.

Were you planning on cheerleading in college?
I cheered all through high school, and my mom is actually a cheer coach so I’ve wanted to be a MSU cheerleader since I was two.

What classes have you taken that aren’t in your major that you’ve enjoyed.
I did take a psychology class last year and I really like it.

Which games are you looking forward to the most this season?
Definitely the Michigan game and then the Ohio State game. They’re both pretty big rivals for us, especially because they’ll be at our field so we’ll get to see the fans come out for those.