Yvonne Strahovski

Sep 1, 2015

Yvonne Strahovski: Hottest Photos on the Internet

You may remember Yvonne Strahovski for her role in Dexter, when she played a serial killer in love with a...

Jan 16, 2015

WATCH: Yvonne Strahovski Models Swimsuits For GQ Australia [VIDEO]

Yvonne Strahovski is modeling swimwear for GQ Australia, and that’s a much better start than she had to 2014. That’s...

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May 5, 2014

Yvonne Strahovski’s 50 Sexiest GIFs

It's a big night as 24: Live Another Day brings Jack Bauer back to FOX--and these GIFs show why we're happy to have Yvonne Strahovski along for the big day...

Jan 24, 2014

Yvonne Strahovski: “I, Frankenstein” Star Animates Our Parts [40 PICS]

The most exciting thing about I, Frankenstein is eying Yvonne--and we've put together 40 hot pics and 36 joltin' GIFs!

Jul 30, 2013

Yvonne Strahovski Gets the GIF Treatment [36 GIFs]

You probably recognize the Australian actress from fan-favorite TV shoes like Chuck and Dexter or from her SoBe body paint photos, but more than likely you haven't seen the blonde like this.

Mar 1, 2012

That Chick from ‘Chuck’ Wants To Bone Your Dog [PHOTOS]

Yeah, so, the title’s just a tad misleading. Sarah Walker is Yvonne Strahovski’s character on “Chuck”, a show I’ve had...

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Jan 4, 2012

Yvonne Strahovski Rocks Body Paint for SoBe LifeWater [PHOTOS]

Anyone who needs a lesson in marketing should pay close attention to SoBe's LifeWater campaign. First, they got Twilight's Ashley Greene nude and in body paint, then they got Kate Upton to milk a cow, now they've got Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski naked and in body paint. Click through to see the behind the scenes pics courtesy of Just Jared.

Cameron Russell Tops the Week-in-Reboob

There’s a whole lotta boob on the internet, and you probably missed a pair or two. We’re offering you the chance to check out all the great photos released on the interweb before a whole new onslaught hits you next week. It’s hard work, but we think you’re up for it. Just take it one click at a time. This week, we feature the 20 hottest photos of Cameron Russel, a Columbia-educated supermodel (the good Columbia, not the one with a drug problem). Click the picture above to get started on the goddess goodness

Sep 24, 2011

Yvonne Strahovski is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Daily Snapshot is our round up of the day’s hottest women on the web. In today’s edition, we feature the 20 hottest photos of Yvonne Strahovski, Playboy Bunny Hope Dworaczyk modeling Playboy's new lingerie, hot Cowboys fans vs. hot Patriots fans, Bill Belichick's somewhat hot girlfriend Linda Holliday, Marie Claude and her weapons of mass destruction, the girls from Playboy's Kandy Kruse, another amazing edition of #FriskyFriday, Carmen Electra, and Adrianne Curry finally using her Twitpics for a good cause. Check out the hotness after the jump.

Sep 23, 2011

Cameron Russell Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s edition features Cameron Russell's hottest photos, tight bodies in tight dresses, reasons why Diora Baird is on Rob Ryan's playbook, Up in the Air's Anna Kendrick, Chelsea Brooke makes us babble, Sofia Vergara's award-winning hotness, Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck, and Agnes Olech in hot outtakes from Maxim's upcoming edition. Check out the hotness after the jump.

Sep 19, 2011

Nov 13, 2010

Famous People’s Personalized Credit Cards [PICS]

Credit card companies like to make you forget how high your interest is, by allowing you to personalize your credit card. So we decided to take a look at the credit cards of a few famous people. Check out famous People's Personalized Credit Cards pictures.

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Sep 29, 2010

128 Celebrity Supergirl Photoshop Fakes

As What Would Tyler Durden Do points out, Smallville began its 10th season earlier this week so the CW sent out pics of Laura Vandervoort as Supergirl. Though Laura is super hot, we wondered what other super sexy celebrities would look like in the Supergirl outfit. It didn't take us long to find legions of photoshopped fakes featuring your favorite femme fatales in the good old blue, red, and gold. We've never been more jealous of the letter, 'S'. Up, up, and away!

Aug 18, 2010

36 TV Characters You Wanted To Hook Up With

The TV is many things to many people, but for most dudes, it's a way to stare at hot chicks without dealing with restraining orders. Now we're not saying that all TV shows have hot ladies, but we saying you can stare at a lot of hot ladies from the comfort of your living room. Right off the bat, I'll tell ya we probably missed a bunch of sirens and traffic stoppers, but this list should serve as a phenomenal jumping off point for shows you're going to want to DVR. So clear your schedule and get ready to do some hardcore fantasizing.

Jan 30, 2008

COED Presents: Emerging Hotties of 2008

Another year, another batch of babes on the verge of blowing up. If we here at COED made a list...