Tina Fey

Sep 5, 2012

Ellen Stars On The Walk Of Fame and The Night Of Too Many Stars [COMEDY NEWS]

Welcome to Today’s Comedy News, a new feature here on COEDmagazine that brings you the part of comedy that generally...

Sep 23, 2010

Katy Perry and the 12 Sexiest Celebrities to Appear on Sesame Street

With Katy Perry's recent appearance on Sesame Street, in which she made babies everywhere pucker their lips, making headlines, we here at COED aren't surprised. The children's show has a torrid history of guest appearances by not-so-family-friendly foxes as evidenced by our list of the 12 sexiest celebrities to appear on Sesame Street. Today, we add the crooner behind California Girlz to the list. Anyone else have a hankering for milk?

Dec 2, 2008

Forget Santa… Ask 30 Rock’s Tracy Jordan

(click photo to watch video) Writing letters to Santa is so 20th Century. This year, kids in the know are...

Tina Fey In Her Ugly Duckling Days

Tina Fey In Her Ugly Duckling Days 20 Random Drunk Celebrity Pictures Whoopi Goldberg And “The View” Read Holy Taco...

Nov 26, 2008

Must-See Athlete Photos

Did You See That? Brittney Godwin Lives Up to Her Name I Never Knew Post-It Notes Could Be So Much...

Sep 13, 2008