Sophie Monk

Jul 10, 2014

Sophie Monk Packing A Suitcase Braless Is Pretty Enthralling [VIDEO]

From the looks of two things in particular (wink wink, nudge nudge), it appears that Australian pop star and radio...

Jul 7, 2012

Hot Babes Wearing Wifebeaters [PHOTOS]

It’s hella hot out. (Yes, I non-ironically said “hella.”) Damn, if you’re on the East Coast, you become sweaty even...

Oct 16, 2011

Feast Your Eyes On These 20 Very Hot Vegetarians [80 PHOTOS]

With the right approach, women can make men do crazy things: commit to one vagina for the rest of their lives, start wars, stop playing video games, but it would take a special kind of woman to make a man give up meat. I'm not about to shun steaks for Ellen DeGeneres. But I might hook up an IV of hummus for the ladies on this list. Check 'em in our gallery after the jump.

Oct 8, 2011

Kate Upton Tops This Week In Re-Boob

This Week In Re-Boob is our rundown of what went down in the world of hot women on the web during the work week. What did you miss? Not much. Only EVERYTHING. No worries, we'll get you back up to speed. In this week in re-boob, we feature Kate Upton's new swimwear shoot, ESPN's Body Issue, a sneak peek at Sports Illustrated's swimsuit shoot, FSU's beach volleyball team, the hottest Tampa Bay Rays fan in the world, the Oregon Ducks cheerleaders, redheads, Asians, Native Americans, Evangeline Lilly, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Uchitel, Daisy Lowe, and Miranda Kerr. Peep the hotness after the jump.

Oct 3, 2011

Michelle Baker is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s edition features Michelle Baker doing Girl-on-Girl, hot new lingerie model Chelsea Salmon, the hottest Tampa Bay Rays fan ever Kerry Garvin, Melissa Clarke's Loaded photo shoot, Miranda Kerr, Sophie Monk's naughty nautical photo shoot, and Katharina Wyrwich's Playboy Germany spread makes us miss Oktoberfest. Check out the hotness after the jump!

Sep 15, 2011

Kelly Brook Is Today’s Daily Snapshot

The Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. Today’s edition features Kelly Brook who will turn you into a Ophidiophiliac, Sophie Monk is a motor-boatin' son-of-a-b*tch, redheads who will fire you up, Brianna has got something for your spank bank, reasons why I'd still duff Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan is a role-model I want all girls but my future children to look up to, Amy Childs seriously resembles Miley Cyrus, and Missy Coles is yet another reason I need to become a professional athlete. Check out the hotness after the jump!

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Apr 26, 2011

27 Hot & Huggable Aussies For Hug An Australian Day [PHOTOS]

April 26th is Hug an Australian Day, a copyrighted holiday created by, a health & wellness company that also produces quirky holidays for calendars, to show their appreciation for all the love and support the Aussies have given them over the years. Anyone who's ever read COED knows we have a deep appreciation for dimes from down under. That's why we're presenting you with the 27 hottest, most huggable Australian women in celebration of this hump-worthy holiday! See who made the list after the jump!

The 27 Sexiest Australian Women [Galleries]

January 26th is Australia Day, the official national day of England. Jk, it’s for Australia, but England sure had a...

Jan 26, 2011

20 Very Hot Vegetarians for World Vegetarian Day [80 Photos]

Today is World Vegetarian Day, a day of celebration that was established “to promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities...

Oct 1, 2010

Top 7 Ass-Getting Hollywood Assclowns

Brian Austin Greene made some kind of pact with the devil last night because he somehow convinced his on-again off-again girlfriend Megan Fox to marry him. And sadly he's not the only undeserving assclown in Hollywood who manages to hook up with some of Hollywood's A-list hotties. Here are 6 other guys who have seen far more sexy celebrity ass than anyone from their high school class would have ever predicted.

Jun 29, 2010

May 13, 2010

Gorgeous Girls Pumping Gas: Sexy Celebrity Edition

Celebrities! They pump gas! They're just like the sense that we're all going to eventually feel the effects of the catastrophic oil spill happening right now in the gulf. While we surprisingly don't have the answers to fixing the oil spill situation, we feel obligated to do our part to keep everyone's spirits high during this global crisis. So in honor of the glory days of oil and gas (circa last month) and keeping morale up, we present 52 absolutely gorgeous girls pumping gas.

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Apr 7, 2010

Who Is The World’s Sexiest Australian?

A seriously boobalicious Sophie Monk made Ralph's 150 Hottest Aussie Women Of The Year list. As you know I've got a thing for Aussie smoke shows and today I want to put an end to the World's Sexiest Australian debate. Check out the ultra sexy galleries and vote!

Dec 21, 2009

66 Women Who Wowed 2009

Every day, we do our best to bring you the foxiest and most talented females from around the world. So with 2009 quickly coming to a close, we decided to give a little retrospective on all the sexiest stars (and a few that aren't) from the past year. From Sofia Vegara to Bar Refaeli, these are the 66 Women Who Wowed us in 2009.

Oct 25, 2009

5 Celebs Who Shouldn’t Have Done Reality TV

5 Celebs Who Shouldn't Have Done Reality TV • Unusual Gifts and Gadgets for Geek • Famous NBA WAG Making Moves • Sophie Monk Goes Surfing • 20 Things You Should Know When You Go To The Mall • Giant Seagulls Invade Earth! [Pic]

Aug 24, 2009

Jessica Barton is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Jessica Barton is an unbelievably busty beautiful blond who calls Orlando home. Is it just me or do 90% of America's sexy women call Florida (and California) home? Regardless of what the statistics are check out her pictures and thank your lucky stars that girls like Jessica get paid to take off their clothes and get photographed.

Nov 17, 2008

The Best Video Game Carnage Money Can Buy

The Top 10 Most Blood-Soaked Video Game Weapons First Shot Of Jessica Biel As A Stripper In Powder Blue Sophie...

Nov 11, 2008

Top 20 Classic Toys Hollywood Has Ignored

20 Classic Toys That Aren’t Movies (Yet) Gisele Bundchen is a Sexy 80’s Rocker Chick Rockstar’s Digital Strippers Win Court...

Oct 15, 2008

Wicked Hot Wife Beater Babes

Women always seem to think that to look hot, they have to either get really dressed-up or completely strip down....

Oct 6, 2008

The Week In Re-Boob: Sept. 29th – Oct. 5th

Welp, it’s Monday, again, and you know what that means! Another Week In Re-Boob! We’ve got all the hottest galleries...

Sep 22, 2008

The Week In Re-Boob: Sept. 15th-21st

Welp, it’s Monday, again, and you know what that means! Another Week In Re-Boob! We’ve got all the hottest galleries...

Sep 19, 2008

Three-Blog Monte: Sophie Monk

Pick a card, any card. This marks the fourth edition of our weekly game Three Blog Monte, which pits you...

Sep 15, 2008

The Week In Re-Boob: Sept. 8th-14th

Welp, it’s Monday, again, and you know what that means! Another Week In Re-Boob! We’ve got all the hottest galleries...

Sep 15, 2008

A Volatile Relationship As Told By Facebook

A Volatile Relationship As Told By Facebook Hayden Panettiere Sucking Face Sophie Monk’s Got Sweet Ass Legs Dressing Room Disaster...

Sep 14, 2008

Queer Eye For Brett Favre

Queer Eye For Brett Favre You’re Gonna Love These New Sophie Monk Pictures Signs That Your New Facebook Friend is...

Sep 9, 2008

Sophie Monk Was Built for Bikinis

Sophie Monk Was Built for Bikinis Jump! Jump! Jump! Remember Her Whipped Cream Bikini In Varsity Blues? Indian Midget Bodybuilder...

Aug 5, 2008

The Worst MLB Trades of the Last Decade

The Worst MLB Trades of the Last Decade Bar Refaeli is a Babylon Babe DUI Showdown…Who Ya Got? Sophie Monk...

Aug 4, 2008

Katerina Stikoudi is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Besides being one of the most ridiculously, perfectly hot women we’ve ever seen, this 23-year-old Greek model won the “Miss...

Jul 28, 2008

The Week in Re-Boob: July 21-25

Mondays suck. Waking up in the morning seems impossible, there’s never any interesting news, and by the end of the...

Jul 23, 2008

Sophie Monk’s Candid Beach-Shower Scene

Recently, Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend Sophie Monk decided to take in some sun on the beaches of LA–luckily a paparazzi was...

Jun 13, 2008

Top 7 Ass-Getting Hollywood Assclowns

If the following guys lived anywhere but Hollywood, and did anything but entertain, these assclowns would be picking from the...