Maryse Ouellet

Oct 10, 2011

42 Canadian Babes We’re Sextremely Thankful For

So, apparently Canada gets a Thanksgiving day too (which is today). Before I tell you what I'm thankful for, I just want to point out that Canadian Thanksgiving Day is a total f*cking bizzaro-world version of the US's Thanksgiving day: 1) They put gravy on their fries instead of turkey and 2) They have a 'Thanksgiving Day Classic' CFL game every year. Canada does get a lot of grief, but that's because they're like the little brother we love to bully joke with. For all of their shortcomings, Canada does export some really hot girls. Neve Campbell? First crush ever. Trish Stratus? That chick was amazing. Below are the 30 women who we feel really put Canada on the map.

Aug 3, 2011

There’s Something About Maryse Ouellet [34 PHOTOS]

We know how much you love celebrity gossip and the World Wrestling Federation - er - Entertainment, so we thought we'd let you know that the dude who's been stalking the sh*t out of Playboy model / WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet has been court ordered to stay away from the cute 28-year-old Canuck for 3 years. While we don't condone stalking, we gotta say it's kinda hard not to. Just look at her. We reference There's Something About Mary in the title, because in that movie Mary was just so damn lovable you couldn't help but want her 24/7. Same thing here with Maryse. Need proof? Check out her stats, pics, and fun facts after the jump. And stay out of her bushes!