Marisa Miller

Jul 31, 2014

Marisa Miller Before She Was Famous: #TBT [55 PHOTOS]

Throwback Thursdays are something we’re going to start doing again every week, and who better to start with than the...

Apr 23, 2014

Marisa Miller Is Back For A Good Cause And Great Pics [59 PHOTOS]

She's kept a low profile lately, but the Sports Illustrated model is back on the beach and watching out for your health--while we watch her...

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Feb 3, 2014

Marisa Miller on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special [SEE HER TONIGHT]

[56 pics!] Warm up for tonight's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue television special with very special pics of this beautiful bikini model!

Jul 19, 2013

Marisa Miller On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno [SEE HER TONIGHT]

End the work week the right way by gazing at the drop dead gorgeous Marisa Miller as she's a guest on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Jul 18, 2013

Marisa Miller At The 2013 ESPYs Is A Comeback For The Record Books [PHOTOS]

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue veteran Marisa Miller was looking incredible at the 2013 ESPY awards on Wednesday night. Some might...

Feb 6, 2013

15 Sexiest Sports Illustrated Rookies 1999-2013 [PHOTOS]

The editors over at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue just announced that they would once again be unveiling the magazine’s...

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Jan 25, 2013

167 Super Sexy Sports Illustrated Model Animated GIFs

There’s less than a month to go before the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue drops. If you’re as impatient as...

Kate Upton Vs. Marisa Miller: Battle of the MLB All-Star Swimsuit Supermodels [PHOTOS]

You can debate the MLB All-Star game all you want. There’s still no debating the quality of the gals who...

Jul 10, 2012

A Tribute To the 14 Types of Bikinis for National Bikini Day

Another reason to go completely mental in July: It’s National Bikini Month. This is no mere day-long celebration like the...

Jul 5, 2012

Irina Shayk’s Sideboob Steals the Show at Vanity Fair’s Oscars Party [22 PHOTOS]

Earlier today, we gave you our list of ways to make the Oscars show more watchable. We now have a...

Feb 27, 2012

Feb 6, 2012


Hot pictures of sizzling SI rookie Marissa Miller....

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Oct 10, 2011

Columbus Day Three-Way Melee: Italy vs Spain vs USA [PHOTOS, POLL]

Just think where the world wouldn't be without the United States of America. Actually, don't answer that (because it would be too depressing to think about). To be fair, though, we do owe a lot of credit to Italy (Amerigo Vespucci) and Spain (Christopher Columbus) for first discovering 'us'. That's why we're going to let you, our readers, decide who should lay claim to the Columbus Day Hottie Competition. We've pitted the three countries against each other in an epic showdown, a threeway that's sure to get exciting. Check out the action after the jump!

Aug 1, 2011

Saluting The Sexiest Natural Milkmakers for World Breastfeeding Week [65 PHOTOS]

Christmas came early this year because World Breastfeeding Week takes place the first week in August. While breastfeeding in public becomes a major hot button topic in the political forum (we're for it, btw... as long as she has nice cans), we thought we'd draw attention to the very best of breastfeedees? Breastfeeders? The ones that give life with their lady lumps. Keep in mind, most women with enhanced or fake breasts might not be able to breastfeed, so if you're into shaking what you mother gave ya, you're in the right place. Check out the sexiest natural sweater puppies in our gallery that will make you cry 'gaga' after the jump.

May 9, 2011

57 Sexiest Marisa Miller Sideboob and Handbra Photos

Just when you thought Marisa Miller might've jumped the shark, she comes out guns (amongst other things) blazing with her pictorial in the May 2011 issue of Esquire then christens her new Twitter account with a twitpic of her hanging with ESPN sportscaster (and COED Roastee) Erin Andrews. She also dominated the Kentucky Derby. With Bar Refaeli and Brooklyn Decker giving into our wildest fantasies by posing topless, we're hoping Marisa does the same. In the meantime, you'll have to settle for her hottest side boobs and hand bras.

May 7, 2011

Marisa Miller’s on Twitter… Hanging With Erin Andrews?!? [PHOTO]

I haven't a clue in hell why Marisa Miller's hanging out with Erin Andrews in this pic, but more please. Erin posted this TwitPic announcing Marisa's arrival on the Twitter scene Saturday. Twitter will never be the same.

May 6, 2011

20 Photoshopped Film Posters About Food

• Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crusty Scone, anyone? • We're hooked on Kelly Brook's Esquire pics • 5-year-old delivers "Miracle On Ice" speech before playoff game • Nicole Scherzinger almost shows nip in GQ • 8 Crazy Prop Bets on The Kentucky Derby • This is why you don't get high on bath salts • Marisa Miller sizzles in Esquire See more awesome links after the jump!

Mar 31, 2011

Marisa Miller’s Grand Slammin’ Body Kicks Off The 2011 MLB Season

March 31st is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. There are 6 games on the docket with the Tigers-Yankees and Braves-Nationals games kick starting what is sure to be another sensational steroid-less season. Many believe the Braves will beat out the Phils while the Yanks will be locked into another heated divisional race. Judging from her multiple promo appearances related to our national pastime we have to assume Sports Illustrated / Victoria's Secret supermodel Marisa Miller is a huge baseball fan. So, we're celebrating MLB's Opening Day with a photo gallery of her enthusiastic support that will make you wanna go 'round the horn.

Mar 9, 2011

2011 Comprehensive Spring Break Bikini Guide

When you think of a bikini, you might not realize that dozens of different styles exist. Most dudes think, "Oh yeah, I can see her midsection, sweet". It's to be expected when you go to most public beaches or pools - same ol' traditional, conventional two piece bathing suit. Now, if you go to Lake Havasu, Las Vegas pool parties, or the more exotic locales for Spring Break, well, you've probably laid eyes on the beautifully crafted swimwear we're about to show you. If you haven't claimed witness to such spectacles and forgot to book your trip to Cancun, prepare to have your mind blown. See the full list with pics after the jump!

Feb 2, 2011

A Pictorial History of the SI Swimsuit Issue Cover (1964-2010)

Like in years past, the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Girl will be revealed on February 14th on the David Letterman Show, with the issue hitting newsstands February 15th. And while there's no shortage of rumor and buzz as to which model will grace this year's cover, we thought we'd take a look at the 47 covers of swimsuit past and settle once and for all Who is the Sexiest Sports Illustrated Cover Girl of All-Time. I'm calling Paulina. Who you got?

Feb 1, 2011

Top 99 Most Desirable Women For 2011 [ASKMEN’S LIST]

Since its inaugural year in 2001, AskMen’s rankings of the “Top 99 Most Desirable Women” features female stars their readers...

Jan 21, 2011

[PHOTOS] Marisa Miller Looking Fitter Than Ever In Shape Magazine!

There's a laundry list of reasons Marisa Miller is a Perfect 10. Her smile, her flowing golden locks, her taut torso, and her firm beach butt - take your pick! In this photo shoot from an upcoming issue of Shape, she makes us all drool like extras in Zombieland by showing off her "resume" in a bikini. These are great, but she still looks better in motion. See the pics after the jump!

Jan 4, 2011

2010: The Year in Celebrity Cleavage [296 Photos]

We think it’s safe to say Katy Perry / Katy Brand absolutely dominated the year in celebrity cleavage. Yes, Christina...

Dec 31, 2010

2010: The Year In Handbras [96 Photos]

We consider ourselves connoisseurs of cupping the boob. Go ahead. Google “Hand Bras”. I’ll wait. See? 2010 was a helluva...

Oct 29, 2010

42 Super Sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Animated Gifs

The beauty of animated GIFs is you don't have be a master of the remote control (or the mouse) to rewind and play, rewind and play, rewind and play. Some of us, COED staff included, have spent hours staring at them, in awe of their majestic simplicity. Five seconds of bliss repeated ad nauseam. Previously, we brought you sexually suggestive Katy Perry gifs, jigging boobs, and bad-ass bouncing butts. Now, we present animated gifs of sexy Sports Illustrated swimsuit models rolling around, jiggling, gyrating, shaking, and wasting the rest of your day. See ya tomorrow!

Oct 11, 2010

Columbus Day Threeway: USA vs Italy vs Spain Model Showdown

Happy Columbus Day, e'erybody! Last year, we proudly hailed Spain's Sexiest Discoveries. This year, we celebrate the day on which an Italian discovered "America" for Spain with another edition of our popular showdown. Normally, we pit one party against another, but for this special occasion, we're goin' all Three's Company on yer ass! That's right, women from Italy, Spain, and the good ol' US of A face off to lay claim to hottest Columbus Day descendants. Let's set sail for sexiness!

Oct 10, 2010

10s of Perfect 10s on 10/10/10 [40 PHOTOS]

We've all heard of the term, "Perfect 10" but did you know "Perfect 10" is actually a men's magazine featuring the world's most beautiful "natural" women? To celebrate 10/10/10, COED tenaciously tabbed 10 of the best Perfect 10s for your viewing pleasure. Personally, we give this gallery a 10.

Jul 27, 2010

Mr. Marisa Miller, Griffin Guess: King of All Douchebags (PICS)

It's one thing to douche outrageously. But when you do it married to the consensus sexiest woman alive, you need fall on a sword or go play in traffic. So, needless to say, you're on alert, Griffin Guess, better known as Mr. Marissa Miller. Then again, it's completely natural to hate on a guy when your wife looks like this.

Jul 19, 2010

Wrigley Field in Chicago: Preview

Today we are heading to our fourth stadium, Wrigley Field in Chicago. The stadium, built in 1914 is well known...

Jun 18, 2010

The Girls of Victoria’s Secret: The 2010 Semi-Annual Sale Catalog [96 Photos]

Summer gets a lot hotter this time of year as Victoria's Secret launches their semi-annual sale on all the sexiest lingerie. The sale doesn't just mean your lady will be looking better in bed, but also that there are tons of NSFW television commercials showing all day, every day featuring their hottest angels wearing practically nothing. Didn't get a chance to DVR the commercials? No stress, we've got all the best photos of the super sexy semi-annual models right here.

May 25, 2010

USA Vs. Czech Republic Model Showdown

Tonight marks one of the most highly anticipated friendly matches leading up to next month's World Cup: The US vs. The Czech Republic. While we're obviously cheering on the U.S team, we're a little more confused as to who to cheer for when it comes to deciding which country has the hottest models. Help us out by checking out the insanely sexy competition and voting on which country deserves to take home the gold for beauty.

May 13, 2010

Marisa Miller’s Hotness Says F*#k Off To Katy Perry

Now this is more like it! Earlier this week, Maxim’s annual Hot 100 List was released and Katy Perry, of all people, took the number one spot. Yes, I had my problems with the ranking, but I respected Maxim’s decision… mainly because of Katy Perry’s uber cleavage. So, today we get yet another annual hottie list, and this time it’s FHM’s Sexiest Woman on The Planet, and boy do they get it right… the bodacious Marisa Miller has been named the Sexiest Woman on the planet!

May 10, 2010

Marisa Miller: Leather Clad Biker Bada-s (7 Pics)

I really can’t think of a better way to kick-start the week than with these shwingtastic new Harley-Davidson pics featuring bodacious Marisa Miller! Now that, my peeps, is Americana at its sexiest. Everyone will agree that this is one of the sexiest batch of photos that we’ve ever seen. C’mon, there’s nothing sexier that a screaming hot babe riding a hog, is there?

Mar 11, 2010

COED’s Comprehensive Spring Break 2010 Bikini Guide

Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. Hell, some of you lucky bastards are partying it up on spring break as we speak. So to prepare you for the skintastic goodness of the warmer months of the year, we've put together the comprehensive bikini guide!

Mar 9, 2010

Marisa Miller Is Looking Boob-tastic In Today’s Daily Snapshot!

I've never seen a bad picture of Marisa Miller in my life, view her Complete Web Gallery Index for proof! Marisa carried on this hotness trend at the OK! Magazine Oscar party. Paparazzi went nuts and snapped dozens of steamy pictures of Marisa on the red carpet looking boob-tastic.

Nov 23, 2009

Top ESPN Arizona Vs. Oregon GameDay Signs

• Top ESPN Arizona Vs. Oregon GameDay SignsMarisa Miller Blows Some Kisses • Maxim's Best Chest ListLori Loughlin Works It Good • 25 Runway Models Falling Down World Cup of Hot Chicks

Nov 20, 2009

The 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show & Afterparty (253 Photos)

If sexiness was flammable, NYC would have burned to the ground last night as the world's top models hit the runway for the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. 13-year VS veteran Heidi Klum hosted the event alongside the super seductive Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros, Miranda Kerr & Candice Swanepoel just to name a few. The highlight of the evening was COED fave Marisa Miller who donned a 150 carat...

Oct 28, 2009

Douchebags of the USA, Classified By Region

Douchebags of the USA, Classified By Region • Marisa Miller Is Good At This • Hot Girls, Cool Jobs • Check Out This Creeper • Halloween Party Do's and Don't's • How To Get Over Your Ex With Craigslist

Sep 5, 2009

Marisa Miller Tops The Week In Re-Boob: August 31st – September 4th

Oh, Marisa Miller, how we adore thee. With flowing blond hair, a perfect twinkling smile and the most mind-bogglingly rockingest body in all the land, this Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated cover model rivals even Megan Fox for the title of Hottest Chick on The F’ing Planet.

Aug 21, 2009

Katie Lohmann is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Whew - it's Friday! We made it! High five!! But before the drinking begins, let us introduce you to blond hottie, Katie Lohmann. This 29-year-old stunner is an actress and model, and she's most famous for her appearance in Playboy magazine as April 2001's Playmate of the Month. Hmmm, wonder if she is on Twitter.

Jul 20, 2009

Drunk Argument: Constant Boner vs Never Having a Boner?

• Constant Boner, or Never Having a Boner? • That's A Hot Butt • I Wish I Had $2,700 Laying Around • Marisa Miller, Body Hotter Than FaceSenator Wants To Do Crack Cocaine • Tour de Femmes

Jul 13, 2009

Dude, Where’s My Hangover?

• Dude, Where’s My Hangover? • Ryan Reynolds Lands "Green Lantern" RoleNew District 9 Trailer In Bad Ass • Jack White's New 'Dead Weather' Music Video • Marisa Miller Arm Bra In A Tub

Jun 23, 2009

Kana Tsugihara is Today’s Daily Snapshot

We'd like you to meet exotic Japanese hottie, Kana Tsugihara. The incredibly sexy 'Gravure idol' rocks an amazing 34F bust, which we didn't even know was possible on someone so tiny (she's 5'2"). The bikini godess gained fame in Japan by appearing in magazines, on television and at promotional events. But something tells us it's her glorious sweater puppies that have done most of the, uh, heavy lifting.

May 22, 2009

The 80’s Were Weird

• The 80's Were WeirdBritney Spears Got Waxed • Sexual Harassment Videos Are Funny • Drunk Party Girls (NSFW Ads) • Marisa Miller Drops Serious Cleavage • I Want This Special Marriage Contract Too!

Apr 29, 2009

Marisa Miller is Today’s Daily Snapshot

Oh, Marisa Miller, how we adore thee. With flowing blond hair, a perfect twinkling smile and the most mind-bogglingly rockingest body in all the land, this Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated cover model rivals even Megan Fox for the title of Hottest Chick on The F’ing Planet.

Apr 25, 2009

Chris Berman Is Such A Pimp!

Chris Berman Is Such A Pimp! • Dude, WTF?! Yoga Granny?? • Marisa Miller Is One Sexy Temptress • 10 Fashion Fads That Need To Come Back • Top 10: NFL Draft BustsAlessandra Ambrosio Hottest Chick At Coachella 09!

Mar 28, 2009

ShamWow! Guy Arrested for Beating a Hooker

ShamWow! Guy Arrested for Beating a Hooker • Yo Dawg, I Herd U Liek Goatse Cake Shawn Johnson: Hayden Panettiere's Lost Cousin? • April Fool's Day Montage • Mr. Rogers Is TerrifyingMarisa Miller On a Hog

Mar 16, 2009

‘MacGyver: The Movie’ in the Making!

• ‘MacGyver: The Movie’ in the Making! • Southwest Flight Attendant Rapping • This Is Not A DoorMarisa Miller Has A Nice Fat A-- • Republicans Healthier Than Democrats • Candid Bikini Babe • Sweet List of WAGS

Mar 3, 2009

COED’s Comprehensive Spring Break Bikini Guide

Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. Hell, some of you lucky bastards are partying it up on spring break as we speak. So to prepare you for the skintastic goodness of the warmer months of the year, we've put together the comprehensive bikini guide, giving you an educated look at this year's hottest bods!

Mar 2, 2009

The Week In Re-Boob: Feb 23rd – March 2nd

Welp, it’s Monday, and you know what that means! Another Week In Re-Boob! We’ve got all the hottest galleries the interweb has to offer. So don’t worry if you missed any of last week’s skintastic sexiness, we’ve got you completely covered. You might want to take a deep breath before diving into this one.

Feb 10, 2009

What If A-Rod Had A Comic Book?

• If Alex Rodriguez Had A Comic Book • Marisa Miller Wins Grammy For Great Rack • Proof Gasparilla 2009 Was Fight-Tastic • Jamal Anderson Snorted Coke Of Toilet • New Amanda Harrington Hand-Bra Pics! • Massive Boobs > Inability To Sing [NSFW]

Feb 5, 2009

The 47 Sexiest SI Swimsuit Models of All-Time

Since first being published in 1964, the Swimsuit Issue is where the world's most beautiful babes show off all their best assets. But now, we've narrowed down the list to the top 47 models ever to grace the glossy pages to give you the best of the best. So, without further adieu, The 47 Sexiest SI Swimsuit Models of All-Time.

Jan 21, 2009

Eva Mendes Named World’s Most Desirable Woman

• Eva Mendes Named World's Most Desirable Woman MLK Had A Wet Dream • Marisa Miller & Selita Ebanks Frolic In Bikinis • FYI This Girl Sounds Like A Major C*nt • “Sexting” is Becoming Mainstream • How To Defend Against A Bear Hug

Jan 20, 2009

Eliza Dushku Gets Naked For Dollhouse…Nice Butt!

• Eliza Dushku Gets Naked...Nice Butt! • The Ultimate Chick Repelling Tattoo • You Probably Shouldn't Hug This Guy • Posh Spice Wearing Underwear • Inauguration Day Drinking Game Dating Site For Cheaters At The Super Bowl

Jan 2, 2009

The 25 Sexiest Photo Collections of 2008

We’ve seen a lot over the past year, from historic elections to historic crashes – plus, a whole lotta boobs....

Dec 18, 2008

COED Presents: 50 Women Who Wowed 2008

As you might have notice, we here at COED are huge fans of the ladies. (Aren’t you?)  And every day,...

Dec 16, 2008

The Feres Twins are Today’s Daily Snapshot

These bubbly Brazilian twins popped up this summer during the Olympics. And luckily, it looks like they’re going to stick...

Dec 16, 2008

Halle Berry Slips You Some Boob…and The Morning Links

• Halle Berry Slips You Some Boob • 7 Comic Book Villains That Should Exist Today • Dave Matthews Band’s...

Dec 14, 2008

Dune Kossatz and The Week That Was: Dec. 6th-12th

Not yet a big star, model and actress Dune Kossatz has all the makings of a Hollywood superstar. First, her...

Dec 11, 2008

The Complete Marisa Miller Web Gallery Index

Oh Marisa Miller, how we adore thee. With flowing blond hair, a perfect twinkling smile and the most mind-bogglingly rockingest...

Dec 8, 2008

Time To Cast The Heisman Ballots: Who Ya Got?

Time To Cast The Heisman Ballots: Who Ya Got? Ex-Cowboy Cheerleader Wins Amazing Race You Don’t Get This Kind of...

Dec 3, 2008

Poke A 2008 Victoria’s Secret Model…On Facebook

Want to poke a supermodel? Of course you do! So why not poke the hottest supermodels on the planet –...

Nov 24, 2008

Christmas Power Hour

Christmas Power Hour I Have A Porno That Starts Like This Marisa Miller’s Ass Is Delicious Friday The 13th Teaser...

Nov 20, 2008

Sports Illustrated Vs Victoria’s Secret Model Showdown Revisited

With the 2008 Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show coming up on December 3rd, there’s been talk about Victoria’s Secret and models...

Nov 19, 2008

Hilarious Little Known Rejection Letters

Hilarious Little Known Rejection Letters Elisha Cuthbert’s Career Hit Rock Bottom Erin Andrews Media Blitz Continues New Pics Added To...

Nov 7, 2008

What Not To Do When Meeting Her Parents

What Not To Do When Meeting Her Parents Marisa Miller Nude Pictures Sophie Monk Stretches A Tank Top Video for...

Nov 3, 2008

The Week In Re-Boob: Oct. 27th – November 3rd

Welp, it’s Monday, again, and you know what that means! Another Week In Re-Boob! We’ve got all the hottest galleries...

Oct 31, 2008

Who Thought This Costume Was a Good Idea?

Who Thought This Costume Was a Good Idea? Marisa Miller…Enough Said Fat Women Have More Sex Kim Kardashian Is Wonder...

Oct 22, 2008

Marisa Miller In Complex

Marisa Miller‘s Nov. 2008 Complex Magazine Photos Drunk Girls Pee Where Drunk Girls Want To Pee OU Player Suspended For...

Oct 9, 2008

Sexy Halloween Costume-less

Every dude (except this one) loves Halloween for one reason and one reason only – super slutty costumes that show...

Sep 25, 2008

America’s Hottest 18-Year-Old College Student

Cassie Keller Is America’s Hottest College Student Only Thing Left Is Bedroom Lovin… Your Place or Mine? Where Do You...

Sep 24, 2008

Marisa Miller’s 2009 SI Swimsuit Calendar is Today’s Daily Snapshot

It’s a little while still before 2009, but supermodel Marisa Miller is already on top of things with one of...

Aug 17, 2008

The Booty Sweat Commercial from Tropic Thunder

The Booty Sweat Commercial from Tropic Thunder is hilarious – [NSFW Language] Adriana Lima & Marko Jaric Are Having Croatian...

Aug 4, 2008

Victoria’s Secret Girls Gone Wild GQ Sept 08 Covershoot

Victoria’s Secret Girls Gone Wild GQ Sept 08 Covershoot Why? Blake Lively Alert! Holly Valance Sizzles In FHM Audrina Patridge...

Jul 17, 2008

“Cum” Isn’t The Best Nickname Ever

Is “Cum” The Best Old School Baseball Nickname Ever? We Think Not… Keg Barrel Part Of East Carolina’s Football Training...