Lizzy Caplan

Dec 21, 2015

Lizzy Caplan: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Lizzy Caplan is seriously just a legit babe all around. Making her big debut in the TV seriesĀ Freaks and...

Oct 2, 2014

Lizzy Caplan Gets Too Sexy For Elle Canada’s Sex Issue [24 PICS]

Lizzy Caplan is gracing us all by gracing the cover of the Canadian issue of Elle for their Sex Issue–which...

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Nov 20, 2013

Lizzy Caplan on “The League” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

[21 pics!] It's the season finale of The League--and the show's brought out the big-league beauty of quirky Lizzy Caplan!

Jul 4, 2012

Lizzy Caplan [See Her Tonight on NEW GIRL]

14 pics! It's a good Fourth of July for Lizzy Caplan. It was just announced that she'll be in a short film on the upcoming Blu-Ray of The Avengers, and the FOX network is repeating one of her appearances on the hit sitcom New Girl. Now we're excited about Lizzy's upcoming movie about sex researchers Masters & Johnson--and we've got pics that'll inspire your own sexual researching...

Jun 11, 2012

TRUE BLOOD: Our Five Favorite Vamps for Season Five

It’s hard to say if we watch True Blood for the old-fashioned horror elements or the contemporary modern parables. That’s...

Apr 18, 2011

The 50 Sexiest Jewish Girls We Can’t ‘Passover’ [PHOTOS]

Shalom! Passover began April 18th at sunset. The 7-day celebration commemorates the liberation of ancient Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Israelites marked their doors so death would pass over them. Most celebrate by eating Matzo, but we celebrate with a photo gallery of hot Jewish women who've freed themselves of their clothing that we just couldn't pass over. Think you can find a hotter congregation of Jewish jewels outside of Hollywood and The Holy Land? Mazel Tov, buddy!

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Nov 5, 2010

Movies This Week: Road Trips, Escorts, and Black Chicks

Saw 3d topped the competish last weekend pulling in $22 mil and averaging $8k per screen. Please don't make 7 more. Just... don't. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest almost cracked the top 10, which is impressive considering it only played on 154 screens. This weekend's entries feature a masturbating dog, a dumb hiker, a villain turned hero, a law breaking sheriff, black chicks, and hilarious suicide bombers. Celebrate Lil Wayne's release from jail with some movie previews!

The Greatest Teen Comedies Of The Past 30 Years

Issued in droves every year for the past 25 years, teen comedies are like new cars, perennially issued with the latest gadgets and gizmos to allure the consumer's eye. Each promises the latest in teenage angst, romantic longing, social shame, and sexual desperation, along with camaraderie, bonding, and sexual hijinks. Inevitably, one teenage film resembles another in its generalities; the difference between the plots of Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Mean Girls is not much difference at all. It is in the particularities -- their efforts to bottle the essence of now -- that the best of the teen comedies emerge from the pack.

Sep 20, 2010

Movies This Week: March, 19, 2010

Movies premiering this week feature witches, bounty hunters, rock stars and time machines; so it goes without saying that there's a little something for everyone. And maybe I'm speaking too soon, but it looks like there are more hits than misses for a change.

Mar 19, 2010