Cara Delevingne

Mar 29, 2017

Cara Delevingne Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Cara Worth Now?

Cara Delevingne, is a rising British model and actress best known for her role in 2016’s Suicide Squad and the...

Dec 19, 2016

Top 50 Hottest Photo Shoots Of 2016: Best Pictures Of The Year

2016 was a rough year. We had Zika, Brexit, a bunch of terrible deaths to musicians, actors, and a noble...

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Jul 30, 2016

WATCH: Margot Robbie Talks Tattooing Cara Delevingne [VIDEO]

We'd rather see a movie about this than see Suicide Squad — and we're looking forward to Suicide Squad...

Dec 30, 2015

50 Hottest Photo Shoots of 2015: Best Pictures of the Year

There’s no shame in admitting that you missed some of the biggest stories of 2015. It was a busy year,...

Oct 27, 2015

Cara Delevingne Gets Creepy on the Cover of ‘Empire’ as Enchantress

Cara Delevingne is getting weird on the latest cover of Empire magazine… and we’re kind of into it. The model...

Oct 27, 2015

Cara Delevingne: Top 5 Hottest and Sexiest Videos

  Cara Delevingne, who famously quit modeling in pursuit of acting,  more or less came out of no where the...

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Jul 17, 2015

Cara Delevingne Comments on Her Sexuality & Relationship with St. Vincent

Cara Delevingne addressed her bisexuality in a recent interview and proclaimed her love for popstar St. Vincent. Contrary to what...

Cara Delevingne: 22 Hottest Photos On The Internet

She's officially giving up modeling for acting--so let's look back at plenty of important moments in Cara's old career...

Jul 11, 2015

WATCH: Cara Delevingne Emilia Clark and Jake Gyllenhaal Impersonate Ah-nold on Graham Norton Show

Yesterday, we showed you the continuing bromance between JJ Watt and Arnold Schwarzenegger that began with JJ impersonating the Terminator...

Jun 19, 2015

‘Suicide Squad’ First Official Pic: Margot Robbie Looking Good [PHOTO]

The first official shot of the villainous gang from DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad is out–because we’re already all tired of...

May 3, 2015

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Mar 11, 2015

Cara Delevingne Wears Only Fruit To Celebrate 10 Million Instagram Followers

Supermodel, actress, singer and overall wunderkind Cara Delevingne has officially hit 10 million followers on Instagram. To celebrate, the model...

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Feb 11, 2015

Cara Delevingne Wants to Interview Queen Elizabeth, Stephen Fry

After her journalistic quest for LOVE magazine, model Cara Delevingne wants to move on to more entertaining subjects (sorry Kim),...

Jan 11, 2015

Cara Delevingne Gets Sexy (And Sporty) for DKNY Lingerie [PHOTOS]

Cara Delevingne has already had a very busy 2015–and that’s after she wrapped up 2014 by landing the role of...

Dec 2, 2014

Cara Delevingne Becomes A Super Villain for ‘Suicide Squad’ [42 PHOTOS]

Cara Delevingne is having a hell of a week, having just won Model of the Year at the British Fashion...

Oct 24, 2014

Cara Delevingne Grabs Boobs In Support of Nuts [VIDEO]

Cara Delevingne may have had a very public lesbian relationship with Michelle Rodriguez, but that doesn’t mean the Victoria’s Secret...

Aug 12, 2014

Cara Delevingne Turns 22 Years Old After One Hell Of A 21st [40 PICS]

Cara Delevingne is turning 22 years old today–that being August 12, 2014–and we’re really hoping that she had an all-girl...

Jul 11, 2014

Cara Delevingne Alone In Bed (With Sideboob) For Telegraph Mag [PICS]

It’s probably been a weird week for bisexual beauty Cara Delevingne, since we have to assume that she’s as confused...

Jun 17, 2014

Cara Delevingne Doesn’t Need Clothes, She Has A Mulberry Bag [PICS]

Cara Delevingne has already gotten a lot of our attention lately–although that might’ve had something to do with her lesbian...

Apr 1, 2014

April Fools In Love! Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez PDA [PICS]

[Photos & video!] Finally some public displays of affection from Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez in what we like to call How I Met Your Other Mother....

Feb 18, 2014

Cara Delevingne Officially Lesbian Over Michelle Rodriguez [PHOTOS]

Victoria’s Secret model Cara Delevigne and wild-gal actress Michelle Rodriguez have been going out for a while, but now Michelle...

Feb 14, 2014

Cara Delevigne, Somebody Wrote A Valentine’s Day Song For You [VIDEO]

Hey, it's a dedicated fan's special Valentine's Day message of love for Cara Delevigne--and a nicely skewed pop tune, too...

Jan 24, 2014

Victoria’s Secret Models: The Week In Instagram [January 24th, 2014]

Well, it's going to be hard to top this Instagram pic from Cara Delevingne--but some other Victoria's Secret models have sure done their part...

Jan 10, 2014

Victoria’s Secret Models: The Week In Instagram [January 10, 2014]

[32 pics!] The holidays are over and the Victoria's Secret models are back to work--or we think they are, but it's hard to be sure with all these bikinis and beaches...

Jan 8, 2014

January 8, 2014: 21 Degrees Of Hot Celebs In Bikinis [PHOTOS]

Still freezing where you are? Warm up with new pics of Cara Delevingne, Jessica Alba, Victoria Silvstedt, and other bikini babes!

Dec 26, 2013

Cara Delevingne Breasts Tattoos Have A New Year’s Message [PHOTOS]

Check out her new tattoos as Cara bares her bod on the beach--and compare them to pics of Cara's pre-inked glory!