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I'm a student at UGA majoring in magazine journalism and French.
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Apr 5, 2011

Class Up Your Drinking Game With Scotch

The notion that scotch is reserved only for middle aged men conducting business deals in a smoky boardroom should be utterly debunked. The fact is, you're never too young to start drinking a good glass of scotch - well, according to federal law, you can be - especially when there are so many great benefits to doing so. You'll stand out from the crowd of beer guzzlers at the bar for one thing, as well as produce a Mad Men-esque aura that makes the chicks swoon. Become the discerning gentleman at the next party or local watering hole with these five scotches that will class up your drinking game!

Feb 27, 2011

5 Things To Consider When Looking For A New Place To Live

It's that time of year again when landlords are knocking at your door, bugging you about renewing your lease so he or she doesn't have to look for new renters in the fall.  If you're tired of his or her bullsh*t, looking to upgrade, or just moving out of the dorms consider these tips on looking for a new place to call yours next year. See the list after the jump!

Jan 26, 2011

8 More Big-Ass Record-Breaking Foods

In March 2010, we brought you 15 Big-Ass Record-Breaking Junk Foods. Now, we present you with more food stuffs that go way beyond satisfying a craving, they could make you never want to look at food ever again.  In fact, if you ever did finish any of these items on your own you might start to question life's bigger questions as you slip into the deepest food coma ever. Nonetheless, just seeing some of these magnified staples of ingestion might give you an equally large appetite - reader beware. Read more and see the pics after the jump!

Jan 10, 2011

World’s Most Expensive Foods & Drinks

A college diet usually consists of a lot of Ramen, which costs a fraction of a dollar at the grocery store.  Any food item above ten dollars is usually out of the question unless everyone is throwing in on some pizza.  The following food items all represent the most expensive examples of food in the world of over-indulgence.  Most of us will only dream of what these delicacies taste like.

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Dec 17, 2010

10 Tips For No-Mess Ex Sex

A lot of people say you shouldn't dig up the past, but we feel sleeping with an ex can be some of the best sex for several reasons.  You both already know what to expect and how to please each other (unless you sucked) Cheating with your ex? Bad News Bears.  With the right expectations and understanding both of you will leave the next morning with out any regrets or serious walks of shame. To avoid such an awkward fate, follow these tips to get an easy lay.

World’s Weirdest ‘Wiches Inspired By The McRushmore

We stumbled up on the now infamous "McRushmore" a couple weeks ago and we were thoroughly impressed. The mammoth, mouth-busting meal consists of the McRib, Filet O' Fish, Southern-style Chicken sandwich, and the Angus Deluxe with bacon and cheese. The deadly delicacy made us think of all the weird combinations we concoct when scrounging around the fridge after a long night of drinking or smoking. We're talking Luther burger weird - bacon cheeseburger between two glazed doughnuts.  Here are some of our favorite Frankenstein recipes.

Nov 30, 2010

15 Best Songs About Getting F***ed Up

We all have our favorite songs to listen to while we put ourselves under the influence while we're out on the town. What is better than that, is when those songs are actually about getting messed up. It's the ever-impressive double whammy. These are the top fifteen songs from that category.

Nov 8, 2010

5 Things Every College Guy Needs to Have Behind the Bar

Professional bartenders have a multitude of ingredients at their disposal to make a bevy of fascinating cocktails. This list is for those who have limited space, and limited funds. It will provide the basic accessories of an at-home bar that will get you serving thirst quenching drinks without needing the resources of a mixologist.

Nov 1, 2010

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Oct 29, 2010

History of University of Georgia’s “Uga I Through VIII” Bulldog Mascot [PICS]

As the NCAA's most celebrated living mascot, the University of Georgia bulldog is one important canine. To date, there have been eight dogs that have held the name Uga (pronounced UH-guh) a derivation of the school's familiar acronym UGA. Frank W. "Sonny" Seiler has owned the Uga lineage since 1956 taking each dog to every game from his home in Savannah, Ga. ever since. Every dog has had its own personality, legacy, and win record but each shares in the long held traditions of college mascots.

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