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Aug 11, 2010

The Truth About Size (and 5 Other Fun Penis Facts)

The Penis is a marvelous organ, possibly the single most important instrument in all of the universe. It is the Penis, after all, that makes us who we are, and yet there is much that you probably don't know about your penis.

Jul 30, 2010

Beginner's Guide to Making Money Playing Poker Online

Poker is a lot like sex: do it right, and it's the best feeling ever. Do it wrong, and you're howling in pain rather than screaming in ecstasy. Also like sex, you can either make a great deal of money doing it or spend a great deal of money doing it -- and there are a many more people spending the money than making the money.

Jul 28, 2010

8 Conversation Topics That Will Make You Sound Smarter

There will be times when you run out of dumb stories, jokes, and the other random crap that you talk about when you meet a woman you're interested in. You are probably very familiar with that feeling, that increasing anxiety and nervousness as your mind goes blank and her eyes begin to wander. You need to grab her attention, and fast! So what do you talk about?

10 Best Ways to Kill Time at Work

Work sucks. Even for those lucky guys with the dream jobs, it still largely sucks. Which is why things like Facebook, Ebay, and solitaire were invented. Without these time-killers every single man in the world would likely have gone postal on their coworkers -- which is a lesson to all of you workaholics out there: don't wait until you are homicidal! Take action now to reduce the pressure that naturally builds from the boredom of the 9 to 5 grind. It's not wasting time or displaying "poor work ethic." No, it's actually saving lives. So use this guide to help you manage that bone-crunching, spirit crushing, mind numbing, endless work related hours of tedious boredom.

Jul 2, 2010

6 Things Every Guy Should Know How To Do

Guys are guys. If we weren’t guys, we’d be chicks. That’s just basic science. And since we are guys, we...

Jun 24, 2010

5 Situations Where A Lie Is Better Than The Truth

In a world in which honesty is scarce, lying may not appear to be a charming virtue. And of course, it isn't. But everybody knows that there are times when it is better to lie, whether to save another individual some unnecessary pain or to save yourself from unnecessary pain in prison. The truth is: honesty isn't always the best plan. Here are 5 instances in which you would consider lying.

Jun 23, 2010