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Sep 5, 2010

The Top 10 University Sanctioned Events

We all have it in us to do some truly insane stuff. And everyone will agree that college is the ideal opportunity for such insanity. However, most students aren't exactly grown-up to the point where they can just leap into their idea without being shoved out of the airplane. Fortunately, there's always that one ballsy kid that convinces their university to say 'yes' to their outlandish scheme. And when the university nudges that idea into motion, the participants fall in like dominoes. Consequentially, a ton of people makes for an awesome event. Here are the Top 10 University Sanctioned Events in college history.

Jul 27, 2010

3 Tips for Convincing Her You’re A Good Guy

For whatever reason, younger women gravitate towards dicks. Well, inevitably, after four years of college most women begin to realize that careless guys aren't worth wasting a box of Kleenex (and Trojans) on. They start looking for that "nice, down to earth guy who, above all, will treat them with respect." So, where does that leave the insensitive womanizer?

Jul 20, 2010

The 5 Waspiest Sports on Earth…Bro!

Having once been a golfer myself and having, dare I say it, worn a polo, I could no longer pass up the opportunity to kick myself in the junk. We're going to give you a rundown on the five waspiest sports in existence. You know, the sports that will get you a seat at your local country club, but won't get you laid.

Jul 14, 2010

5 Movie Characters Who Would Make Kickass Wingmen

We do not always get the best wingman. But, just for the hell of it, imagine that we did get the wingman that we deserve. Imagine that things could happen like they do in the movies. Hell, I would be lying if I told you that I never imagined any one of the following movie characters stepping in to save my ass that lonely night at the party. Here are five film characters that would make absolutely kickass wingmen (ranked in order of kickassness):

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Jun 8, 2010

10 Movies That Will Get You Laid

Having a girl over to watch a movie -- it really is an ancient knob on the door leading into the ecstasy of sex. If you pick the wrong movie to watch with her your balls might end up feeling blue. Here is a list of ten movies that will do anything but blue your balls. In fact, they will most likely get you laid.

Robin Hood’s 7 Sexiest Maid Marians

For the eighth time now Robin Hood has taken aim and shot an arrow through the hearts of beloved movie-goers. ...

May 13, 2010

The 10 Weirdest Fetishes in the World

I once knew someone who made his girlfriend hold his junk when he took a leak. While there's no name for the firefighter-esque peeing routine, there are names out there are all the weird fetishes you thought existed in only in your dreams. After a lot of Google searching (hint: turn safe search off), I've discovered the 10 weirdest fetishes in the world.

May 11, 2010

Have You Been Iced?

A fresh drinking game has spread like herpes all over several college campuses. No ping pong balls. No playing cards. No red cups...But only a Smirnoff Ice. Although we know that herpes in your mouth would be preferable to a Smirnoff Ice, that is exactly the point of this simple but clever new channel for chugging. You've been iced! Check out of bro's getting "Iced" at

May 7, 2010

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Apr 12, 2010

Break Up With 5 Classic Movie Lines

The best movie break-up line of all time is said by Patrick Bateman  in 2000’s American Psycho.  In the middle...

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Apr 6, 2010

8 Ways to Make Your One-Night Stand Less Awkward

Here is a list of eight ways to avoid awkwardness after a drunken one-night stand (four ways for the night of and four ways for the days after).

Apr 6, 2010

3 Real Beers and Why You Shouldn’t Settle for a Lesser Brew

I work in a German style brewery cannot count how many times I have corrected people who ordered a Coors Light. Being a compassionate and charitable soul, I feel absolutely obligated to convince everyone that we deserve nothing less than a genuine, tasty brew.

Apr 6, 2010

8 Life Lessons From the Cast of Jersey Shore

The 1st season of "Jersey Shore" has been laid to rest, the cast still sits with us. Initially, one wouldn't think that much could be learned from the cast but their smartest and dumbest choices offer each of us a bit of wisdom. Accordingly, here is a list of life lessons courtesy of each "Jersey Shore" cast member.

Mar 29, 2010

3 Badass Alternatives to Lifting Weights

Can most of you truthfully say that you dig going to the gym? Wanna stay in shape and keep a smile on your face? Here are three methods of exercise that not only show you a kickass time but also teach you something that you can actually use outside of the weight room.