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May 2, 2016

What Is The Met Gala? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The 2016 Met Gala will be on Monday, May 2, featuring live coverage from E! News. According to VOGUE, the...

Apr 23, 2016

Dwayne Johnson Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Dwayne Johnson Worth Right Now?

Born on May 2, 1972, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an American actor, producer and retired professional wrestler. The Rock...

Apr 22, 2016

Earth Day 2016 Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images

While many people see Earth Day as the one day of the year we have to make a real effort...

Prince Rogers Nelson Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Singer

Singer Prince Rogers Nelson, otherwise known as “Prince,” has been found dead at his Minnesota home. The seven-time Grammy winner...

Apr 21, 2016

Where Is The Walking Dead Filmed: Locations, Sets & Photos

It’s going to be awhile until The Walking Dead premieres Season 7 in October, so while fans are waiting, you’ll...

Apr 15, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7 Cast: Meet The Full Cast

After The Walking Dead Season 6 finale premiered on Sunday, April 3, fans have voiced their impatience for having to...

Apr 8, 2016

Apr 8, 2016

When Does ‘The Walking Dead’ Return? Season 7 Premiere Date

Sunday, April 3, 2016 was the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, and the series left off on a...

Apr 7, 2016

David Beckham Net Worth 2018: How Much Is David Beckham Worth Now?

David Beckham was born on May 2, 1975, and is widely known as being a former professional English footballer, or...

Mar 31, 2016

April Fool’s Day 2018: Top 10 Best Pranks & Prank Ideas

  April 1st is finally here, and it’s officially the one day of the year where you know for sure...

Mar 4, 2016

Whitney Alford: Must-See Photos of Kendrick Lamar’s Fiancee

So far, Kendrick Lamar has had a busy year, between being nominated for 11 Grammy Awards, and with an estimated...

Feb 22, 2016

Usher Net Worth 2018: How Much is Usher Worth Right Now?

Born on October 14, 1978, the now 38-year-old Usher has come a long way as a singer and songwriter. After...

Feb 19, 2016

Kevin Hart Net Worth 2018: How Much is Kevin Hart Worth Right Now?

American actor and comedian Kevin Hart first broke into the business back in 2002, when Judd Apatow cast him on...

Feb 12, 2016

Smoking At This Age Could Do Some Damage To Your Brain

For anyone who started lighting up before 16, you may be doomed – according to science. A recent┬ástudy published...