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Igor Derysh is a politics writer at Heavy. He is the former managing editor of and also covers elections for Salon. His work has appeared in The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Boston Herald, and AOL News. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
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May 19, 2011

The 24 Most Underrated Stand Up Comedians [VIDEOS, POLL]

The best comedians aren't necessarily the ones that get all the movie roles, have sold out comedy tours or guest star on the most popular television shows. In fact, some of the best comedians have been touring the minor circuit: comedy clubs and colleges, perfecting their craft for decades. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, they just haven't been able to get that one big break. Sure, some of them may have their own hour-long stand-up specials, and have appeared all over Comedy Central, but you're not going to see one of these guys starring in a hit movie any time soon. COED's giving credit where credit is due in our list of the 24 most underrated comedians. See the list and vote for your favorite after the jump!

Apr 25, 2011

8 Foods & Drinks That Make You Smarter

With the entire media caught up in the whole crusade against unhealthy eating habits, they seem to focus more on the foods we shouldn't be eating as opposed to taking the time to present ones that we should- especially the foods that fuel our brains! Forget about taking those foul-smelling and overpriced dietary supplements that end up giving you the runs, improving your brain function is just a can of tuna or cup of green tea away. Unleash your inner Einstein by checking out COED's list of 8 foods and drinks that make you smarter after the jump!

Nov 24, 2010

The 5 Relatives You’ll See on Thanksgiving

As we head home for Thanksgiving, we are all making a list of people that we will see and asking ourselves why we couldn't have come up with an excuse not to go. Here are the five people that you will definitely this Thanksgiving...

Nov 7, 2010

5 Signs The US Is Getting Too Fat

It seems that with every year more and more people are starting to look like Rush Limbaugh and Rosie O'Donnell and the free market is quickly adapting to meet the needs of the new, super heavy weight American. Here are five signs that the United States is just getting too fat.

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Nov 5, 2010

The 5 Biggest Marijuana Myths Debunked

As marijuana quickly becomes more and more socially acceptable, millions of Americans are beginning to understand the lies that they have been told about pot. Here are the five biggest myths about weed that have prevented any kind of legalization movement from getting on a roll.

5 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

So there's this girl who you think is neat and you want to go steady with her but don't know if she likes you back. Most guys understand the signs that she likes you (i.e. she rips all your clothes off and jumps on you, she hasn't Tasered you yet), but many guys don't understand the signs that she isn't into you. We're here to help...

Oct 11, 2010

The 5 Biggest NCAA Football Upsets

College football season is in full swing. And each Saturday seems to get better than the next. But what we need this year is a good, ol' fashioned upset. The kind of upset that makes you spill your beer and crap your pants, all at the same time. The kind of upset that sends you into such a deep depression, you think of offing yourself by suffocating on Astroturf. But until that happens, let's check out the 5 Biggest NCAA Football Upsets of all-time.

Oct 2, 2010

5 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your New Girlfriend

Many guys have problems talking to women because we don't always know what to say. This is a pretty small problem considering that you could be the guy that is telling a girl WAY too much than he should be. Revealing something that weirds the girl out is the number one killer of budding relationships. Here are five things to avoid bringing up when you are talking to a new girlfriend or a girl you are just trying to go home with.

Sep 6, 2010

Sep 6, 2010

5 Cars That Make You Look Like a Tool

The car you drive says a lot about who you are as a man. It defines your personality to the world around you, as you whiz past at 80-MPH. It is your home away from home, your out-0f-the-office office. And, if you're lucky, it plays a major factor in helping get you laid. But if you drive one of these tool boxes, don't be surprised if everyone else on the road wants to punch you in the face.

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Sep 5, 2010

The 5 Worst Ways to Break Up with a Girl

There are countless ways that you can break off a relationship with your girlfriend that can save face for the both of you and end it on civil terms. At the same time, there are five distinct ways to end a relationship that will end with a massive headache and humiliation. Here are The 5 Worst Ways to Break Up with a Girl.

Sep 2, 2010

10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana

The days of Reefer Madness are pretty far gone, but the American public is still vastly uninformed about marijuana, particularly concerning its myriad of amazing health benefits. Here are 10 (out of countless) health benefits that marijuana possesses. With that said, it's simply baffling that medical marijuana is not legal in most of the country, and still there retains such a negative reputation.

Aug 23, 2010

10 Signs You Might Be A Douche

The sad reality of life is that most douchebags do not realize that they are douchebags. It's true. You might be a douchebag and not even know it. In fact, the chances of that are pretty good. (Lack of self-awareness is another major douchebag feature.) So to help you clear things up,here are 10 signs that you just might be a douchebag...

Aug 22, 2010

What Your Girlfriend Really Thinks About Sex

As men, we rarely know what women are thinking, at all. And when it comes to sex we are even more in the dark. Of course, it doesn't help that the female mind is constantly calculating, trying to figure out the "right" thing to say, no matter what it does for your relationship. So to take the bag off your head, here are five things your girlfriend might say that should throw up some serious red flags.

Aug 17, 2010

5 Reasons You’re Not Dating Smarter Women

Let's face it, try as we might, most of us get stuck across the table from a date who does not know CNN from MTV. The truth is, it's not the fault of the girl with the bleach blonde hair and fake boobs, it's yours! Here are five reasons you aren't dating women with an IQ higher than their age.

Aug 9, 2010

4 Reasons You’re Still a Virgin

You have gone on awkward dates. You have tried to meet girls on the internet. You have even read books and blogs about how to get laid but you are still living a very sexless life. But forget all that nonsense. There are four very simple reasons the farthest you have ever gone is with your right hand.

Aug 9, 2010

7 Reasons Athletes Shouldn’t Own Guns

Whether or not people should own guns is another discussion but I think that it's safe to say that the jury is in on athletes carrying guns. While I can't recall a single incident in which an athlete has used a gun in self defense, there are countless incidents every year involving an athlete, a gun, and poor decision making. Here are the top seven reasons that athletes shouldn't own guns.

Jul 22, 2010

10 Amazing Addicts in Sports

It is a wonder that the media freaked out when Ron Artest admitted to drinking Hennessy in the locker room when alcohol and drug abuse has such a rich history in sports. Pitchers have thrown no-hitters on acid, sluggers have abused steroids, and linebackers have abused everything. Here's a look at the top alcoholics and druggies in sports.

Jul 9, 2010

What You Need To Know Before Dating Older Women

While you'll need to discuss the age difference, don't constantly remind her that she is so much older than you by saying things like "I want to be rougher in bed...but you're just so old, and I fear you might snap." OK, maybe that is pretty obvious, but here are a few other items that are worth taking into consideration.

Jul 8, 2010

The 6 Greatest Athletes Over 40…Ever!

Brett Favre turned 40 at the start of the 2009-10 season but will he come back for the 2011 season? We will know in a few weeks when training camp starts up. He may be one of the greatest quaterbacks of all-time but can he match the successes that these guys had after turning the big 4-0.

Jul 8, 2010

Top 10 Worst Sports Signings of the Last Decade

It seemed like every off season in every sport brought us deals that left everyone scratching their heads at first and shaking their heads afterwards. From the Magic paying Grant Hill nearly $500,000 per game played over his seven-year contract, to the Giants paying Barry Zito $1.75 million per win, this decade brought us these terrible signings from the world of sports:

Jul 4, 2010

A Beginner’s Guide to the World Extreme Cagefighting

Ever since the UFC took off, many a company has tried to replicate their success. With many having tried and failed, it is no wonder that the first company that could come close to rivaling the success of the UFC is the WEC, World Extreme Cagefighting, an organization owned by the UFC's parent company Zuffa.

Jul 3, 2010

The 5 Most Racist Things Said By Politicians

Forget Harry Reid and Trent Lott, their comments have fallen in with countless others that have been deemed “racist” by an all-too-eager bunch of reporters and bloggers. The media's coverage of Reid's “racist comments” is exactly the reason no one takes the growing problems with race relations in this country seriously. If everything is racist, nothing is racist. Luckily, we here at COED have gone out and tracked down REAL racist comments that politicians have made. Here's a few:

May 3, 2010

Handicapping the Celebrity Deathpool

2009 was undoubtedly been the year of celebrity death. Michael Jackson Farrah Fawcett, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Patrick Swayze Ed McMahon, Steve McNair the screaming dude famous for Oxyclean . . . This has led many to start placing bets on who is the next to go, so let's handicap the Deathpool.

Apr 10, 2010

5 UFC Fighters That Need To Change Class

Randy Couture, after two bad beats to Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar and former Pride Champion Antonio Noguiera, is planning to drop down to the Light Heavyweight division. This would be a great move for the long time veteran and will hopefully push these fighters to gain or shed a few pounds as well.

Apr 5, 2010

The 4 Greatest MLB Season’s Ever

The Cardinal's Albert Pujols is in the peak of his career and could produce one of the best all-around seasons ever but when it is all said and done, will it be as good as any of these incredible single-seasons that each player believes is the greatest MLB season of all time.

Mar 27, 2010

Beyond The UFC

The UFC not only created the world of MMA and brought it to the mainstream, but it also features most of the top names in the sport. That doesn't mean, however, that the other fighting organizations don't have their share of stars, and more importantly, tons of former UFC talent.

Mar 22, 2010

The 5 Craziest Things Glenn Beck Has Said

We’re obsessed with the craziness that is Glenn Beck. He’s a barrel of laughs as he rambles and cries on his Fox News show. Sometimes, however, his deranged faces make it difficult to hear the words coming out of this loon’s mouth. Here are some absolute gems.

Mar 21, 2010

Politicians’ Love-Children (Not ‘Politicians Love Children’)

Sex and politics go hand in hand, just ask Eliot Spitzer. What happens when sexual improprieties turn into twenty-years of diapers, food, clothes, and college tuition? Here are 5 politicians who got a little more than they bargained for when they hopped into bed:

Mar 10, 2010

How Much Money Are NCAA Players Missing Out On?

College athletes are arguably the most exploited people in America. Consider how much money top schools, the NCAA, TV networks and top coaches are pulling in. Take a look at how much these five NCAA players would be making if they played in the NBA this season.

Mar 7, 2010

The 8 Things That Will Definitely Happen At The Oscars

Hollywood likes its award shows the same way it likes its movies, done to death and starring washed up big...

Feb 12, 2010

The 20 Most Anticipated Guy Movies of 2011: Part II

It’s never too early to start thinking ahead. Laden with sequels and comic book movies and comic book movie sequels,...

Feb 11, 2010

Top 10 Sex Scandals of the 2000s

On the dawn of the Year of The Tiger (February 14th), the staff at Coed (hu hu, hu, hu hu,...

Feb 9, 2010

10 Amazing New Tech of the 2,000s

With the breakneck speed of technological advances that we saw in the first years of the 21st century, the 2000s have had some of the best new products released. Here are the top ten of the decade.

Feb 8, 2010

Celebrity Ultimate Fighting Challenge

The folks that decide the crap that gets to be on television have made a rate great move to bring...

Feb 6, 2010

The 5 Greatest War Video Games

In honor of the awesomeness that is Modern Warfare 2, we thought we would take a look back at the...

Feb 6, 2010

Girl Stuff That’s Never OK to Use

In our very metro-sexual society, many men have taken to using chick shampoos and facial creams on a regular basis....

Feb 5, 2010

The 20 Most Anticipated Guy Movies of 2011: Part One

It’s never too early to start thinking ahead. Laden with sequels and comic book movies and comic book movie sequels,...

Feb 1, 2010

Extra Cash? Flexible Hours? Try Freelancing!

All of us want to spend as little time working as possible while making as much money as possible.  There...

Feb 1, 2010

Five People Killing America

The beauty of American democracy is that regardless of how many people want to see things change, there are a...

Jan 30, 2010

The Best Rookie Quarterbacks Ever

In just a few games, USC standout and the Jets’ first overall pick in 2009 has gone on a tear...

Jan 30, 2010

10 Biggest Douchebags of the 2000’s

Forget the years of the coked out 80s and the “Did I Really Wear Those Pants” 90s, the 2000s were...

Jan 25, 2010

5 Things To Definitely Leave Off Your Resume

While there are a number of different ways that you can improve your resume and make it stand out, there...

Jan 24, 2010

The 10 Most Ridiculous Things People Believe

Noah’s Ark Upwards of 60% of Americans believe in the story of Noah’s Ark, word by word. Meaning that more...

Jan 19, 2010

Failed Steven Seagal Reality Show Ideas

Though the success for Steven Seagal’s new reality show, “Steven Seagal: Lawman,” has been great, the concept is actually an...

Dec 21, 2009

The 5 Most Brutal UFC Knockouts of 2009 [Videos]

The end of the year is the perfect time to celebrate America’s pastime: watching people get their heads smashed in. The UFC definitely brought it this year with some awesome face restructuring performances. Here are the five most brutal knockouts of 2009.

Dec 11, 2009

5 Things We’d Like to Know About Glenn Beck

Ever since making the move from CNN Headline News to Fox News, Glenn Beck has been one of the most talked about media personality in the country. Despite the fact that he has quickly one-upped the crazy that is Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, many people still do not know the truth about Beck. Here are some things we think we deserve to know about Beck:

Dec 7, 2009

The 5 Best British UFC Fighters

MMA fans rarely see British fighters spotlighted except when the company holds pay-per-views in the United Kingdom. Despite their rare appearances in the UFC, there are some phenomenal fighters out there, and they aren't all named Michael Bisping.

Dec 1, 2009

The Top 8 Post-Accident Tiger Woods’ Endorsement Deals

Tiger Woods has always been a darling to advertisers because of his great image, which is why he banked an estimated $110 million in 2008. After his latest encounter with Mr. Tree, Mr. Fire Hydrant and Mrs. Woods however, Tiger might have some very different endorsements lined up for the future.

Nov 30, 2009

And the Nominees for the 2009 Worst Celebrity Parent Hall of Fame Are…

As 2009 comes to a close, we want to take a moment to thank the hard working men and women of Child Protective Services... lord knows you've had one helluva busy year. From the morally bankrupt parents of the infamous balloon boy to the fame whoring Jon and Kate parents of 8, 2009 has been a stellar year for the bad parent and a monumental year for the bad celebrity mom and dad.

Nov 18, 2009

The 7 Greatest Uniform Numbers in Sports

LeBron James was recently in the news promoting his campaign to retire the #23 in the NBA in honor of the great Michael Jordan. "His Airness," LeBron and my favorite Movember supporter Don Mattingly aren't the only great players who have shared the same number. In fact, #23 is (arguably) not even the greatest number in sports, just take a look at these.

Nov 13, 2009

5 Biggest Douchebag Head Coaches

Part of being a good leader is not taking any sh*t from anybody. You stand your ground, whip the pansies into shape, and get the job done, g*ddamnit! But the flip-side of that mentality is that you're kind of an asshole. So it goes without saying that pretty much every head coach is a douche, at least a little. But these five winners take the D-bag thing to a whole new level.

Nov 6, 2009

The 5 Most Overrated UFC Fighters

There are some guys that, no matter how many times they headline pay-per-views and no matter how many times they...

Nov 2, 2009

The 5 Greatest Forgotten UFC Fighters

With an influx of new talent and Ultimate Fighter contestants in the UFC, along with countless feuds with UFC President Dana White, MMA fans have seen many a top fighter leave the UFC and move to smaller organizations like Strikeforce. Here are five of the biggest UFC names now headlining events elsewhere.

Oct 5, 2009

The 5 Worst “Dancing with The Stars” Contestants

With "Dancing With The Stars" in its ninth season, everyone from Chuck Liddell to Tom DeLay has now shown their fancy footwork on national television. So we thought we'd take a look back at the celebrities with the worst dancing skills anybody's ever used for increased exposure. Here are The 5 Worst "Dancing with The Stars" Contestants.

Oct 2, 2009

5 MMA Fighters Who Can Beat Brock Lesnar

Randy Couture couldn't beat Brock Lesnar. Heath Herring couldn't beat Brock Lesnar. Frank Mir couldn't beat him a second time. So, who among the MMA heavyweights can bring down the UFC phenom? Here are five fighters I think stand a good chance against Brock Lesnar's brutal beatings.

Oct 1, 2009

5 Reasons Google Is The New Evil Empire

Since 1998, Google has grown from a minimalistic search engine to the single biggest Internet force in the world. (And, because of that, arguably one of the most powerful organizations on the planet.) Some of Google's new features, however, are less like that of a big Internet multinational and more reminiscent of...well, the United States.

Sep 21, 2009

How to Survive the Coming Swine Flu Apocalypse

With the fall right around the corner, its time to prepare for the coming swine flu apocalypse that the media is saying will undoubtedly occur. To help the male population that will have to repopulate the earth after the mass chaos subsides, we here at COED have prepared a guide to help you survive the new plague.

Sep 15, 2009

5 Signs You Might Be The Driver Everyone Hates

Driving is a delicate endeavor - not only do you have to make sure you don't f**k up, you're effectively putting your life in the hands of everyone else on the road with you. So it's no surprise that those who do it wrong can send even the calmest among us into a fit of hate-filled rage. Problem is, most of the people who suck at driving don't know how truly bad they are...

Sep 14, 2009

The 5 Best Returning UFC Fighters

While the UFC is bringing in new talent, like Anthony Johnson and Todd Duffee, all the time, UFC President Dana White has been reaching out and bringing back a lot of the faces that the fans have been following for years. So while some of the newbies might be the emerging stars in the ring,these five heavy-hitters definitely know a thing or two about whooping ass.

Sep 11, 2009

The 10 Most Ridiulous Off-field MLB Injuries Ever

Injuries can absolutely destroy a great baseball team, just take the 2009 New York Mets for example. Injuries have decimated their $145 million roster sending the majority of their starting roster to the DL, but at least none of the Amazin's are out with injuries like these. Baseball players have suffered some pretty strange injuries off the field so we've gone ahead and complied 10 of the best.

Sep 8, 2009

The 5 Reasons MMA KO’d Boxing

For decades, boxing reigned as king of the sparing sports. Crowds from around the world would cheer for their favorite heavy hitters, like Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and Mike Tyson. But despite paving the way for the new generation of fighting sports, boxing has taken a real hit in fans and ratings to the new breed, mixed martial arts. Here's why...

Sep 6, 2009

The Coming Internet Crackdown

With so much information being exchanged over the web, the government has been cracking down as much as they can on what Americans can and can't do on the internet. A new bill by West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller seeks to let the government completely crackdown and takeover the internet in case of an "emergency."

Sep 4, 2009

The 5 Most Bogus NCAA Violations

The NCAA is investigating the Michigan Wolverines football team following allegations from players that the coaching staff made them practice far longer than NCAA rules allow. Surprisingly, the NCAA's investigation of "long practices" isn't even the most ridiculous one that they have done, here are 5 that are definitely up there.

Sep 3, 2009

The 5 Worst Collapses in MLB History

With the MLB season entering the stretch, division leaders like the Yankees, the Phillies, the Angels, and the Cardinals need to avoid the mistakes that these five teams made that cost them their season. So, you know, if you are a player in any of these teams, read and learn! Otherwise, just laugh at the past dumbass collapses.

Sep 1, 2009

The Former Careers of UFC Fighters

While some guys go straight from college to martial arts, other UFC fighters take a much different route to fighting greatness. From school teachers to cops to members of parliament, the UFC features fighters from all walks of life. Here are seven UFC fighters who spent their days doing something other than delivering major beat-downs to make a day's wage.

Aug 28, 2009

UFC to Get Instant Replay

Even Major League Baseball has succumbed to the pressure of having instant replay used during the game. And the Ultimate Fighting Championship could very well be next. The Nevada Athletics Commission has approved the use of instant replay in mixed martial arts fights, and many are saying this system will soon be utilized in the UFC.

Aug 24, 2009

The 12 Dumbest Convicted Athletes

With Plaxico Burress having just been sentenced to two years in jail for possessing and discharging a firearm in a public space, we are reminded that these masters of the field and the court are just people, too. They make mistakes, and have to pay for them. However, sometimes the mistakes they make are so hilariously idiotic, we can't help but make fun of them. Here are the 12 Dumbest Convicted Athletes.

Aug 22, 2009

Will NCAA Pay Athletes?

The NCAA exploits amateur athletes to no end by raking in millions while amateurs aren't even allowed to get gifts. The worst part is, the guys that do not go on to the pros never get a penny after they lose their amateur status either. Former UCLA basketball great Ed O'Bannon seeks to change just that as he has filed suit against the NCAA, claiming that they owe him royalties for using his likeness and name in DVDs, video games, and jerseys.

Aug 21, 2009

The 5 Reasons Brock Lesnar Is The UFC’s ‘New Big Thing’

The title of "The Next Big Thing" has followed UFC Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar throughout his career as an amateur and professional wrestler, football player, and MMA fighter. While Lesnar became very successful in the short time he spent in the WWE, his UFC career has made him the "New Big Thing" as one of the most recognizable athletes in the world.