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Jun 5, 2010

9 Celebrity Prison Sexpot Mugshots

There's nothing sexier than a bad girl who doesn't know her limits. Legal limits that is. We've put together a killer list (just kidding, no celebrity murderers on this list) of all the sexiest drunk drivers, crack heads, and all around idiots in Hollywood. Oh and please keep in mind that these mugshots might not be the hottest shots you've seen of these women. But how can they be when the prison lighting is so harsh and unforgiving.

Feb 12, 2010

iLove iPod & iPhone Valentine’s Gifts

The hottest gift items in the world remain Apple products!  It seems iPod and iPhone are the ultimate any occasion...

Feb 10, 2010

Valentine’s Day Music Lovers Gifts

She can be a DJ for $120 (And you can borrow it) No, it’s not a correspondence course.  Sidney Blu,...

Feb 10, 2010

Valentine’s Mobile Phone & Tech Guide

Thinking about getting your significant other some brand new piece of technology this Valentine's Day? Check out these pretty pieces of plastic for that perfect gift that says "Honey, get with the times".

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Feb 9, 2010

Valentine’s Day Candy Guide

Are you ready to drop $325 on Valentine's Day Chocolates? (Me Neither!) Here are a few Valentine's Day options that won't break the bank.

Who Dat Win Da Superbowl? Super Bowl T-Shirt Tales.

The Coolest Shirt Idea Who Dat? Dat Who! Everybody ruled them out. “The Colts are a Better Team”; “Manning is...

Feb 7, 2010

Valentine’s Guide: Jewelry & Why Promise Rings Rule

Jewelry is the mother of all Valentine’s gifts, and if you’re dating over a year your girl is definitely expecting....

Feb 7, 2010

Weird – No Really Weird Valentine’s Day Gifts

Gifts on Valentine’s Day convey love, affection, romance, desire, seduction . . .while some just say. “Eeeew Gross” or “Hmm,...

Feb 5, 2010

Feb 3, 2010

Morena Baccarin is a Tease.

I’m not complaining! I’ll take whatever I can get from any luscious alien dime-piece, but does the girl have to leave me hanging for five months, until March 2010?

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Jan 27, 2010

The Sun Never Sets on the Ed Hardy Empire

Determined to have his name on every single item I own, Ed Hardy has teamed up with Crystal Icing, maker...

Jan 25, 2010

Jennifer Aniston’s “Secret” Photo Shoot

Jennifer Aniston’s “secret” Photo Shoot – So secret she didn’t even know she was in it! Now if I could...

Jan 23, 2010

Ultimate Ibiza: Coed Invading Ibiza AGAIN in 2010

We”re Going To Ibiza!” Yes, it’s back to Ibiza for Coed Magazine in 2010! Are you ready for the ultimate...

Jan 23, 2010

2010’s Ten Adventures for Trust Fund Babies

LONDON, January 2010 — “Staring down into the smoldering eyes of a tiger from the back of an elephant in...

Jan 21, 2010

Do You Believe France is World’s Best Place to Live?? United States Drops to #7!?!

Cartman did not take the news well, and prompty kicked the crap out of a French Kid Ernest Hemingway did...

Jan 11, 2010

Cell Phone Super Stylin’ with the Nokia 7795 Twist

From the “One of the Coolest Phones We’ve Received around Here in a Dogs Year” Department, the Nokia 7705 twist...

Dec 31, 2009

Fatso Completes New Years Marathon

Let us rise up this New Years Day, by laying down . . .on the couch! And enjoying as many of these all day marathons as a dual tuner terabyte TIVO can handle.