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Sep 21, 2010

5 Easy Ways To Relieve Your Stress

COED has a few tips on quelling that "jump-off-a-bridge" feeling you may experience in light of returning to a full-time schedule or paying back mountains of student loans. Whatever you're dreading, keep these five ideas in mind and remember to breathe.

Sep 7, 2010

7 Ways to Keep the Summer Spirit Alive

Despite your best efforts to ignore the chill as you stand on your porch choking down an ice cold one in your shorts and wife-beater, you can't deny it: summer's done. The Labor Day weekend parades compose the siren song of school bells, cold weather, and--saddest of all--miniskirts with leggings underneath instead of nothing. Harsh times. Fortunately, the temperature is the only thing that has to drop, as you can keep the summer spirit up with these mildly delusional suggestions.

Aug 10, 2010

10 Manliest Apartment Decorations

Every guy needs a kickin' pad. We've been over how to make your apartment look more grown-up -- and now, onto the manly tweaks. COED found these ten items to impress not only your bros, but your prospective mattress partners as well.

How to Deal With An Awful Roommate

In these harsh economic times, shacking up with a few friends is a popular way to save money on living costs -- or, if you're in school and living on campus, you might have no choice but to live with someone else. One of the many glories of being a twenty-something is this rite of passage: sharing a living space with someone from a completely different background.

10 Hottest Rides of 2011 (PICS)

Whether you're into horsepower, blingin' rims, doors that open in an upward sweep, electric fuel, keyless entry, or even all of the above, 2010 is a great year for vehicles. Too bad the economy is shattering into pieces around us and the probability of affording one of these rides while it's still 2010 is pretty slim for most. But you can dream, eh? Check out a portion of the lineup of motorized sex symbols available this year and hope you win the lottery.

10 Things You Need For a Grown-Up Apartment

Ah, life is sweet. You're out of your parents' basement and among several million other twenty-somethings (or thirty-somethings, if you're a late bloomer) with a bona-fide, certified "Very Own First Apartment." If you've played the Sims, you might be familiar with how to decorate a living space; if not, or if your ideas of interior design include a neon sign exclaiming "LIVE NUDES," check out these essentials for grown-ups.

Jun 12, 2010

10 Crazy Things To Grill This Summer

You're an innovative sort of manly man, right? When you grill, you want it to be exciting. You know how to throw an awesome barbecue, but steak and burgers are cliché, dude. And while you know other things to grill, you're still more daring than most and seek new heights of cuisine. Crack open a beer, try these bizarre recipes, and impress the ladies with your culinary charm.