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Claire Scro

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Jan 12, 2017

Nintendo Switch Presentation Live Stream: How To Watch Online

Let the countdown begin. Nintendo has confirmed that its Nintendo Switch event will stream live on January 12, 2017, from...

Dec 21, 2016

The 5 Best Last Minute Walking Dead Gifts For TWD Fans

Short supply, stressed out people and standstill traffic for miles. For us Walking Dead fans, it’s hard not to draw...

Dec 16, 2016

New ‘Uncharted 4’ Co-op DLC Is Out Today And It’s Free

Remember Uncharted? Remember the games in which enemies would flood the area after solving a ruin-based puzzle? I ‘memba. Well,...

Dec 11, 2016

What We Learned When ‘The Tonight Show’ Met The Nintendo Switch.

While Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon got to experience Nintendo-ecstasy, the rest of us could only stare in a swirling...

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Dec 8, 2016

A Free ‘Battlefield 1’ Update Is Coming & We’ve Got The Details

It’s happening. EA DICE is cranking out a new expansion for Battlefield 1 this month. Players who were thrilled with...

Samsung Galaxy S8: Specs, New Features & Must-See Rumors

The golden moment of charging your phone while listening to music could very well become a sad, nostalgic memory. Tech...

Dec 7, 2016

Top 5 Video Game Based Movies That Didn’t Suck

With the announcement of a Monster Hunter film beginning its production, the game’s fans are a bit nervous in wondering...

Dec 2, 2016

Steam Black Friday 2016: Best Deals, Discounts & Sales

Steam users are no stranger to sales but make no mistake… Tomorrow’s going to be a special day. It will...

Nov 22, 2016

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Nov 21, 2016

The Top 5 Best Fan-Made Video Games Of All Time

From an open world Sonic The Hedgehog to a Metroid remake, the past years have seen some of the most...

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Nov 16, 2016

Get Ready, Real Life Zelda Dungeons Are Happening And They’re Impossible

For those who can’t wait much longer for Breath of The Wild, this real life Legend of Zelda inspired adventure...

Nov 8, 2016

Election Results Live Stream: How To Watch Presidential Race Online

It’s here, whether we want it or not. The polls have opened and once they close the real stress begins. ...

Nov 3, 2016

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft’s Mysterious Project Scorpio

Microsoft officially announced Project Scorpio at E3 2016 and it was proclaimed to be “the most powerful console ever built”...

Nov 3, 2016

Best Nintendo 3DS Games: Top 5 Best New Games Coming Out In November 2016

While Nintendo fans may be in low spirits about the Wii-U ceasing production, the Nintendo 3DS library is sure to...

Nov 1, 2016

Best Horror Games 2016: Top 5 Best Horror Games Out Right Now

Get out those headphones and turn the lights back off. Halloween may be over but who says we should stop...

Oct 27, 2016

Nintendo Direct: Watch Their ‘Monster Hunter’ Special Online

The latest Nintendo Direct streamed today at 7:00 A.M. EST /10:00 A.M. PST on their Japanese YouTube channel. For the...

Oct 26, 2016

Matt Damon Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Matt Damon Worth Now?

As an actor, screenwriter, and producer, Matt Damon is one of Hollywood’s most desired talents. He has popped up in...

Oct 25, 2016

Brad Pitt Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Brad Pitt Worth Now?

Brad Pitt. The name alone has been a conversation starter since the late ’90s. He thawed our hearts as a...