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Feb 26, 2011

Tunebug Vibe Portable SurfaceSound Speaker [REVIEW]

Want a ton of sound from your next piece of tech booty? If you ever wanted a speaker to slip into the sheets with (no thanks, we don't need the details), this would be the one. The Tunebug Vibe is a tightly bundled package of sass, and sexy has all hell. Curved in all the sweet spots with the right amount of heft, it looks like it could have fallen off a Bentley. That it vibrates in all the right places doesn't hurt either. Read our full review after the jump!

Feb 2, 2011

The 10 Smartest Pot Smokers on the Planet… Cool Enough to Admit It

You’ve probably seen those “Above The Influence” anti-drug commercials in which they show worst scenario outcomes to people smoking weed....

Oct 25, 2010

What Her Shot Says About Her

So you think you know this girl? You've met her friends, watched movies together, hung out and talked for hours. Forget Facebook, her tweets, her diary, all her IMs. They don't mean dawk. The only truth is the almighty shot. Here's what you'll learn from her choice of shot...