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Apr 3, 2011

How All Commercials Should Be [VIDEO]

With DVR, downloads, online movies and Netflix, people aren't watching commercials like they used to. But something tells us that if all commercials were more like this one, the fast forward button might last a little longer.

Mar 5, 2011

Why Midget Women and Bullfighting Don’t Mix [Video]

If you'd asked me before watching this video why I thought there were no women bullfighters, I would have probably said something about Spanish cultures being male dominated, yada, yada, yada... Andif you'd asked my why there are no midget bullfighters, I would have guessed that they'd be trampled.

Feb 20, 2011

Battle of the Brown Spirits: Scotch Vs. Whisky

For many drink enthusiasts, Scotch and Bourbon stand strongest at opposite ends of the “brown spirit” battlefield. To the West, the sweet punch to the face of Bourbon, America’s whiskey; to the East, Scotch whisky — a deep, smoky Highland warrior.

Jan 20, 2011

Ted Danson Was a Creeper [Video]

So, it turns out that before Cheers and long before Curb Your Enthusiasm, comedian and actor, Ted Danson was a complete and total creeper. And if you don't believe me, just take a gander at this quick little clip of Mr. Danson reading from his book of... um, "soft and romantic" pickup lines?I guess you could call it that, if you consider "Honest, I'll pull out in time" a pickup line.

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Jan 10, 2011

Extreme Beer Pong [Video]

There are a couple of ways to know if you're an alcoholic. One of them is becoming an expert beer pong player. I think it probably comes sometime around being able to swish four cups in a row and bouncing it off the wall, stool and the other stool.

This Guy Freakin’ Loves Balloons

This dude freakin’ loves to watch balloons blow up and pop. He LOVES it. So when I first watched this...

The 9 High School Classmates You’ll Run Into Over Winter Break

You're done with classes, you can sleep in till noon without repercussion and chances are you're going to end up at the bar downtown, one of these nights - if you haven't just camped out there already. That means running into pretty much every person you went to high school with who you haven't talked to since graduation day. If you're not careful, things can get weird before you can say "Remember that time in pre-calc...". So here's a quick guide to the 9 types of high school classmates you'll run into over winter break to help you keep your cool.

9 Fool-Proof Excuses for Not Buying Christmas Gifts

If you're like me, Christmas sneaks up on you like a ninja. And when Christmas day comes along, you're stuck looking like the family asshole. So to get out of the dog house this year, here are nine fool-proof excuses for not having any gifts from you under the tree.

Nov 27, 2010

Should You Get a Dog?

Unless you are a cat guy, being a dog owner can be one of the most satisfying experiences a person can have. They provide unrivaled companionship, entertainment and someone to talk to who won't go off and tell everyone your embarrassing sh*t. So if you're thinking about getting a dog, here are a few things I've learned and think you should consider before you take the plunge.

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Nov 14, 2010

Angus Is A Dumbass [Video]

Any plan occurring in a cafeteria that involves a "flying jump tackle" is practically destined to fail. Bring a glass-front vending machine into the picture, and it's all over.

Nov 13, 2010

Dear Condom Companies, Your Packaging Sucks

Yet few products in life (aside from brakes, rope, fire hydrants and weaponry) need to work in the heat of the moment more than the condom.

Nov 7, 2010

Crazy Woman Jumps In Front of a Train [Video]

With winter swooping in to snatch away everyone's happiness for the next few months, chances are you're going to hear about a lot more people offing themselves. That's just how it goes. So let this video serve as a little lesson to all you passersby what it looks like when someone goes off the deep end, and wucks their ass in front of a train. Also, this is what it looks like when someone gets really, really lucky...

Oct 17, 2010

How to Impress a Girl [Video]

One good way to get a girl's attention is to do something so awesome only a few other people on the plant could pull it off. Now, that might be a problem for some of you, since amazing feats of skill are, by default, rare. But apparently not for this guy, who decides to wuck himself off a sand cliff, doing back flips all the way down.

Aug 30, 2010

10 Totally Selfish Reasons It Sucks to Get a DUI

Drunk driving kills or injures tens of thousands of people every year, ruining families and destroying lives. But it's not just others who suffers from drinking and driving - it's mostly you. So that you can get an idea of how much it actually sucks, here are 10 totally selfish (but totally valid) reasons it sucks to get a DUI.

Aug 28, 2010

The 10 Most Ridiculous Table Manners

Having manners is important - it shows that you take care in what you do, and have respect for the people around you. And at no time are manners more observed than around the dinner table. But it's about damn time we admit that some of these manners are just plain crazy, out of date, and completely unnecessary. Fortunately, the brave trend-setters at have put together a list...

Aug 14, 2010

Great Gas Station Prank [Video]

This one has been around for quite some time, but that doesn't make it any less funny. Basically, they've set up a fake newscast to air at a pump at this gas station - add in a hidden camera and let the hilarity ensue.

Jul 23, 2010

How to Drink Tequila

If you're entire experience with drinking tequila involves downing endless shots of Jose Cuervo Gold, you're doing it wrong. Not that there's anything with doing shots of tequila - never would we say such a thing - but with a little bit of knowledge about this Mexican liquor, a whole new world of beverage enjoyment opens up to you. Luckily, the good people of Details have put together a quick, comprehensive guide to properly enjoying this deliciously intoxicating brew.

May 16, 2010

10 Summer Beer Cocktails That Don’t Suck

With summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how you're going to quench that thirst for the next three months. So instead of going with the same old mixed drinks you've been drinking since freshman year, we've put together of a list of delicious beer cocktails that will definitely add some "Ahhhhh" to your summer fun.

Dec 5, 2009

How To Pack For The Holidays

If you're anything like me, packing for a trip usually involves rushing home 15 minutes before you're supposed to leave for the airport and cramming whatever's in grabbing distance into whatever container you have (i.e. a garbage bag) that they'll let on an airplane. But with airlines charging for every piece of luggage these days, it's become financially irresponsible to not know how to properly pack.

Nov 27, 2009

10 Things From Your Twenties You’ll Regret When You’re Forty

Don't get me wrong - being young and having fun is as important as anything in life. But assuming you live past the age of 28, there are a few things that you just can't get away with, without reaping some serious consequences. Here are the top 10 things you do when you're young that, when looking back, make you wonder how you could have been such a complete and total dumbass. (Image used courtesy of The Lizard Man)

Nov 11, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: The Craziest Sh*t You’ve Ever Seen [Video]

You know people are always talking about how video games make people more violent and all that drivel? Bullsh*t, right? Well, after watching this video of a level from the new, hottest video game on the market, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you might be singing a different tune. But regardless of where you stand on the issue, something tells me this level is going to cause quite an uproar.

Nov 10, 2009

7 Things You Should Never Go Cheap On

These days, everyone is trying to save as much money as possible for fear of everything going to sh*t (again). And while we're all for getting a good deal, there are some things you shouldn't buy if you can only afford to go with the bottom of the barrel. Not that you should pay more for something when you could pay less, but that going with the cheapest option is worse than doing nothing at all.

Nov 9, 2009

Secret Knocks Just Got Way Cooler [Video]

Secret knocks have been around for probably as long as doors and locks. Until now, having a secret knock only really made sense if you were involved in a covert operation or some other equally shady sh*t. But this guy has created what could be the coolest locking mechanism since Chinese fingercuffs. He's created a device that automatically unlocks the door when the pre-programmed secret knock is knocked.

Nov 6, 2009

Nice Rack: 72 Pool Cue-ties

It's not often you meet a girl that's good at pool. Not that women are any less good at the sport, it's just that pool halls are generally occupied by scragglers and shady fellows - no place for a proper lady. Which is why the girls that are good with a pool cue are just that much hotter. To celebrate these ball-banging super-stunners, here are a ton of hot chicks playing pool!

Nov 3, 2009

Major High School Football FAIL [Video]

I'm not what you call a sports expert. Not that I'm bad at sports (other than basketball, which I should never play, for any reason), it's just that I'm not an expert. So take this with a grain of salt when I say, I think of these guys f**ked up. Maybe it's just my amateur eye, but something's wrong when this happens...

Nov 1, 2009

Christopher Walken Performs Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”

It's always funny to see people you think of as complete badasses do funny stuff. Take this rendition of Lady Gaga's hit song, "Poker Face," as performed by Christopher Walken on BBC1. His intonation and extremely strange Queens accent just give the song a little something extra. On a side note: Is it just me, or does Christopher Walken look more and more like vampire as time goes on? Maybe he is a vampire.

Oct 31, 2009

Michael Jackson Reborn as an Actual White Dude… at the Bus Stop [Video]

Wow, guys, it's amazing! Michael Jackson's alive!... in the body of a white guy. I know, I know, he's not quite the dancer that Michael once was. But that's to be expected. See, this is an actual white guy, with with guy dancing skills, whereas before Micheal Jackson's death (and reincarnation), he just looked like a white dude, but danced with the feet of a black guy.

Oct 30, 2009

How to Fall Through a Roof [Video]

All I'm going to say is, if you're going to snoop around like a cat burglar, it's probably a good idea to have some clue as to how to walk across a roof without it falling in on itself... four times! I'm mean, seriously, dude. You're in China. They're not exactly known for making things that last forever. If you were climbing around on the pyramids, then maybe, but this is just freakin' ridiculous.

Oct 29, 2009

Major Street Racing FAIL [Video]

I completely understand why people race each other on the street: You just spent $35,000 supping-up your WRX, and damnit, you need some place to open the thing up. And what better place than a public street, where people are just trying to get from home to work? Those assholes need to get with the program, and get the f**k out of the way. Or, at least the dude in the white car needs to get the f**k out of the way...

Oct 28, 2009

The 10 Most Controversial Pro Athlete Twitterers

For most of us, posting messages to Twitter is about as banal an activity as you can get. But if...

Oct 28, 2009

Gov. Schwarzenegger Tells CA Legislator “F*ck You” in Hidden Message

With California in such dire straights these days, it's good to see that the people running the government are getting past their petty political differences for the good of the people, and trying to fix things as quickly and easily as possible. Oh wait, actually the exact opposite is happening.

Oct 28, 2009

BMW Destoys Two Cars (While Parking) [Video]

I ride a motorcycle to and from work everyday. And throughout my travels, the one type of drivers (besides taxi cabs) that does the dumbest, most dangerous, life-threatening sh*t more than any others on the road are BMW drivers. For whatever reason, getting behind the wheel of that car turns them into a complete asshole. But none of them even come close to pulling a dipsh*t move like this...

Oct 26, 2009

The Secret Code to The New YouTube

So I headed over to after getting home from the office, and what do I find? The "secret" to accessing the newest YouTube feature: 'Warp Player' on all videos! And let me just say that if you haven't already seen this amazing feature, then prepare to be awash in awesomeness. All you have to do is replace "watch" in any YouTube URL with...

Oct 26, 2009

Spinning Ninja Kick to the Ball

When guys live together during their college years (and for about a decade or so after), life involves some surprises you might not otherwise have to deal with, like drunken shamings, strange puddles, stranger smells, filth everywhere. And, last but not least, surprise spin kicks to the giant pilates ball you own for no apparent reason. Good times, friends. Good times….

Oct 25, 2009

I’ve Discovered Something Amazing! (Yes?) [Video]

I can't really tell whether or not this video is funny, or just trying to be funny. Obviously, some silly fat guy smearing baby shampoo all over his mouth and blowing bubbles for two minutes is exactly the kind of thing the Internet loves. But if you ask me, it's a little too good. A little too right. That doesn't mean it's not funny. It's just that I think we're all getting a bit predictable. Don't you think?

Oct 24, 2009

Google Wave Cinema: Pulp Fiction [Video]

Despite its current invite-only status, the new hottest thing in social networking (and pretty much everything else) is Google Wave. This new technology combines email, IM, social networking, file sharing and chat rooms to provide internet users with a comprehensive communication device more thorough than anything else the world has ever seen.

Oct 23, 2009

Kid Tests Out His New Stun Gun [Video]

I've never quite understood peoples' desire to test Tasers or stun guns on themselves. It's obviously something that is only going to end in pain and frustration, with a good chance of crapping your pants. So when this kid decides to test out his new stun gun on himself, it's a pretty obvious face-palm. But that doesn't mean it's any less hilarious when he finds out exactly how strong his new little toy is.

Oct 21, 2009

Niki G & Niki C of LA Temptation Give Us the Nitty Gritty on the LFL

As you probably already know, we here at COED are big fans of the Lingerie Football League. There's just something about seeing super hot models go at each other in their underwear that does something special for us. So when we got the chance to speak with Niki Ghazian and Niki Connor of the LA Temptations, we could barely contain ourselves. We chatted about everything from football to naked group showers.

Oct 21, 2009

Balloon Boy Neighbor Fights the Media [Video]

At first, it might seem cool to live next door to the latest random celebrity, just to be able to say you were close to the "action." But pretty soon, reporters, cameramen, crews and news vans keep you from getting home after a hard day's work, and the only thing you want to do is start punching people in the face. You know, like this guy.

Oct 20, 2009

OH SH*T! [Video]

Unless you're overly paranoid, you're able to get through the day without fear of being killed in some random accident you have no way of knowing is going to happen. You know, like crossing the street without expecting a freakin' city bus to come along and nearly wipe out with an SUV. But after watching this video, that's all done with.

Oct 19, 2009

“We Were Once a Fairy Tale”: Short Film by Spike Jonze About Kanye West’s Douchiness

This here is a short film by Where the Wild Things Are director, Spike Jonze called "We Were All Once a Fairy Tale." It stars Kanye West and, not-surprisingly, is entirely about Kanye West. What is surprising, however, is what the film is about. Basically, the plot is that Kanye West realizes he's a super-douche, and in the end, kills his own ego.

Oct 18, 2009

“Balloon Boy” Falcon Heene and Bros Rap Video: “Pussification”

Yes, this is real. Yes, the song was performed by instant meme, "Balloon Boy" Falcon Heene and his brothers. Yes, the name of the song is "Pussification," the meaning of which is laid out clearly in the beginning of the video, and it's pretty much what you'd expect. Yes, they say words I'm not allowed to print on COED. Yes, Falcon is in the toilet, slathered in whoknowswhat, looking like Mr. Hanky.

Oct 17, 2009

Why Driving Is Scary [Video]

As a motorcycle rider, I understand that I'm putting my life on the line every time I hop on my bike. But after watching this video of a head-on collision caught on tape, I think I'm just going to go curl up in the fetal position instead. The whole thing happens so fast, if you blink, you'll miss it. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should be terrified every time you get behind the wheel.

Oct 16, 2009

Bill Pullman to Play Father in Inevitable Upcoming “Balloon Boy” Movie

We're past this whole "Was the Balloon Boys story a hoax" nonsense. Obviously, it's all bullsh*t. And if you think it might not be bullsh*t, all you have to do is watch this video of the father releasing the g*ddamn balloon to know that it's a hoax. Now that we have that resolved, let's move on to bigger things: Who's going to play who in inevitable upcoming Hollywood biopic...

Oct 16, 2009

Balloon Boy Falcon Heene Barfs On Today Show [Video]

After discovering that the "Balloon Boy," who was allegedly floating around at around 7000 feet in a giant, homemade helium contraption, was actually just hiding in the garage, the news shows went crazy booking the whole family for an interview. But during this segment with Wolf Blitzer, the boy, Falcon (really, that's his name) admits that "We did this for the show."

Oct 15, 2009

World’s Drunkest Man Tries to Buy Beer [Video]

The funny thing about drinking is that the drunker you get, the more drunk you WANT to get. And before you know it, you're face down in a gutter with a condom sticking out of your butt. Or, in this guy's case, you stumble to the gas station to buy more beer and get caught on tape failing at everything you try to do.

Oct 14, 2009

Japanese Sniper Prank [Video]

It's no secret that the Japanese like to do the craziest sh*t imaginable on television. The derive some sick pleasure from making people endure horrific event. Take this prank show, for instance. Do they just pretend to mess up a guys car, or pour paint on someone's shoes? No. They make them watch the people around them get murdered by a sniper. Fun, right?!

Oct 13, 2009

How to Have Fun in the Rain [Video]

As every child knows, when it's raining outside, there's really not a whole lot you can do to have fun. But sometimes, you just have to get creative. And who knows, you might just find something really fun that you can only do when it's raining! You know, like drenching the poor people who take the bus. That's fun, right?...

Oct 12, 2009

Sarah Silverman Has an Idea [Video]

I'm not exactly sure what to make of Sarah Silverman's newest video. On the one hand, it just kind of seems like the comedian is trying desperately to hit that perfect note between outrageous, and just cute enough to make everyone like her, in order to have her own viral video. Either that, or she really just wants to sell the Vatican to end world hunger. (Which is not a bad idea, btw...)

Oct 10, 2009

How to Get Kicked in The Face [Video]

Only about the first 15 seconds of this video are interesting. But because it's in French, it takes another minute and 45 seconds to provide the context. So if you only want to watch the super sweet part, here's what happens: One dude tries to pull some lame prank on a passerby in a hat. The prankster takes off running, right past another random dude, who just happens to be awesome at karate. Now, watch.

Oct 9, 2009

Mr. Show Blows Up the Moon Better [Video]

All the rage this morning is news of NASA's LCROSS mission to bomb the moon (in hopes of collecting moon ice from the debris). Well, it turns out the explosion was somewhat of a letdown. If you watched the video, you know that the moon getting bombed basically looked exactly like, well, the moon not getting bombed. Which is why bombing the moon in the Mr Show universe is so much better.

Oct 7, 2009

Hot Chick Digs for Gold [Video]

Chances are good we've all been caught on tape, at one point or another, doing something embarrassing/gross/idiotic, etc... But when you're a super hot chick, you have to realize that pretty much everyone in the room is staring at you, always. Which is why you don't go digging for gold while in line at the bank...

Oct 6, 2009

The 15 Biggest Internet Jackasses of All-Time

The Internet is literally filled with jackasses. Their misfortunes and apparent retardation are a large part of what keeps people coming back. So to narrow it down to only 15 might be a bit audacious. But that doesn't mean we can't try. Here are the 15 people we here at COED think deserve a spot in the history books under "Biggest Internet Jackasses of All-time." Enjoy.

Oct 6, 2009

Don’t F**k with Fat Guy’s Chicken [Video]

There are a few unwritten rules everybody should know, like "crack is whack," and "don't trust whitey." But one important rule this McDonald's employee seems to have forgotten is "don't mess with a fat dude's food when his blood sugar's low." Because if you do, you're going to get screamed at by 400-lbs of angry.

Oct 5, 2009

SNL Digital Short: I Threw It on The Ground [Video]

We were pleasantly surprised this weekend when Saturday Night Live was actually kind of funny. (No thanks to Kenan Thompson, btw.) And one of the best parts was, of course, Andy Samberg's new digital short (a.k.a. music video), "I Threw It on The Ground." These are probably going to start getting old pretty soon, but the time has not yet arrived.

Oct 5, 2009

How Many Guns Fit in a Pair of Pants? [Video]

When I was in school, I always thought my teachers lived in their own little world, where dangers were mostly in their minds, and the rules were just something to help maintain their stature. But, holy sh*t! After seeing how many guns you can fit in a pair of Jinco's (or whatever the hell the kids are wearing these days), I wouldn't have been such a punkass.

Oct 2, 2009

“You Are Being Shagged by a Rare Parrot” [Video]

Deep in the jungles of New Zeland, Stephen Fry and zoologist Mark Carwardine come across a rare breed of parrot that apparently has a hankering for man-head. How do I know this? Well, when a bird jumps on your back and starts f**king the hell out of you, that'd be the first clue...

Oct 1, 2009

This Football Player Is a Loser [Video]

We all make mistakes, of course. And if you're lucky, most of those mistakes happen behind closed doors, where the general public can't see your shame. But sometimes those mistakes happen in broad daylight, in front of all your family, friends, classmates and the opposing team, who just scored a touchdown because of your dumbass.

Sep 30, 2009

10 Jobs That Will Turn You into a Total Dick

Here in America, people can choose pretty much whatever job they want. As long as you get an appropriate education, work hard and keep a good head on your shoulders, your future is what you want it to be. But there are some jobs out there that are guaranteed to wither that charming personality of yours into a bitter, nasty dickwad. So, in no particular order, here are 10 Jobs That Will Turn You into a Total Dick.

Sep 30, 2009

How Not to Do a Burnout [Video]

There are certain things guys do that would be considered idiotic to most people, but are completely kick-ass when you're actually doing them. One prime example is the burnout. It ruins your tires, but seeing the sheer power of your vehicle smoking up the place makes it totally worth it. OK, totally worth it, unless this happens.

Sep 29, 2009

100 Greatest YouTube Hits in Under 4 Minutes [Video]

This video has been making its way around the Internet for the past little bit. But it wasn't until this morning that I actually took a look. And, well, it's exactly what you think it's going to be: 100 of the greatest YouTube videos and memes in about 3 minutes 30 seconds. So, if you've been asleep for the past years, just watch this and you'll be all caught up (at least on meaningless Internet nonsense.)

Sep 28, 2009

Afghanistan Peace Day Dove Doesn’t Make It [Video]

Say what you will about what to do with the war in Afghanistan, but if this video is any indication, things are going to be completely and totally f**ked there for quite some time. This is a Afghani Peace Day rally, and some white doves are being released as a symbol of peace. Problem is, one of the doves isn't exactly fit to fly...

Sep 25, 2009

That’s No Way to End a Race [Video]

When I was in high school, I ran track. I was pretty fast, but the stupid thing was, I actually hated to run. I found no real enjoyment out of it. So I started pole vaulting. And let me say, pole vaulting is awesome. But my mom was nervous that I would get hurt. But I guess she never saw anybody take a face plant like this.

Sep 24, 2009

World’s Longest Basketball Shot [Video]

Making videos of trick basketball shots is nothing new. There's a ton of them out there, and they're all pretty freakin' amazing. But they all pale in comparison to this video from Texas A&M. This dude climbs up to the third deck of their stadium, Aggieland, and shoots what has to be the "World's Longest Basketball Shot." Check it...

Sep 23, 2009

Hands-On with NBA 2K10: Preview

Over the years, I've come to expect a lot from 2K Sports. Their games are always top-notch, ultra-realistic and super-connected to the actual sports the games emulate. So it was no surprise when I strolled into 2K's offices this morning to find the most realistic looking video game I've ever seen: NBA 2K10.

Sep 23, 2009

7 Ways The Internet Is Ruining Your Life

Needless to say, the Internet is here to stay. It's integrated into every aspect of life, from keeping in touch with friends to sealing business deals to finding the love of your life. It helps you do your homework, throw a party, figure out how to build a gravity bong - for anything you can think of, the Internet is there. But the Internet is also completely changing who you are. Here are 7 ways the Internet Is Ruining Your Life.

Sep 23, 2009

Hot Girl Bed Prank [Video]

We all love hot chicks. I mean, really - everybody loves a hot chick. But one of the best ways to make a hot chick even better is to prank her. Take this hot blondie, for example. She's obviously hot, but after her BF puts a fake head in her bed, she gets 10x better. I swear...

Sep 22, 2009

Grandma Teaches Punk Kid a Lesson

Remember that kid who freaked out about his WoW account being canceled, and tried to stick a remote up his butt? Well, he's back again, and he's still just as much of a little sh!t head. But this time, his grandma is around to teach this punkass a lesson. Nothing like a giant wooden paddle to introduce someone to the concept of respect.

Sep 21, 2009

Parkour Champ Flips Over Subway Tracks

Living in New York City, I've often contemplated whether or not I'd be able to jump over the subway tracks, from one platform to the other. But because of fear, or just sheer laziness, I've never attempted this heroic feat. Which is probably good, because even if I did, I'd just look like a pussy next to this guy.

Sep 20, 2009

Finally, a Resonable Response to Being “Punked” [Video]

You know when you think about how you would act in a hypothetical situation? Well, I've often wondered how I'd react to being "punked." And I have a creeping suspicion that I'd freak the hell out. I guess that's why this seems like a perfectly reasonable response...

Sep 19, 2009

Heidi Klum in Suspenders (and Nothing Else) [Video]

In the world of supermodels, only a select few remain relevant after reaching their prime. And German super-stunner and former Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model, Heidi Klum is the newest hottie to join that bunch. But after seeing this video of her wearing nothing but suspenders, I think you'll agree that Heidi is officially the most smokin' MILF on the planet.

Sep 18, 2009

Video Dater Freaks the Hell Out [Video]

At first, I felt kind of bad for this guy. He seemed like an alright dude, maybe a little shy, maybe a little bad at fashion and, you know, talking - but so what? We all have our flaws. And sometimes, picking up chicks can be the hardest thing in the world. For whatever reason, you just hit a dry spell, and that sh*t can be frustrating as hell. But after watching the whole thing, I doubt "frustrated" is the right word for this guy...

Sep 17, 2009

WTF Was Wrong With The 80’s? [Video]

We all know by now that the 1980s were a strange and disturbing decade, filled with wacky style, crazy drugs and crazier music. Like this gem, for instance, by Oingo Boingo, "Little Girls." Now, I'd heard this song before. But until I'd seen the pedophilely video, which starts off with a Girl Scout descending into a quadrilateral-filled universe inhabited by midgets, I didn't realize how totally f**ked that era really was.

Sep 16, 2009

Mr. T Now Sells Light Bulb Ovens… [Video]

So, it's come to this. It was bound to happen sometime, I know. But I never thought it would effect me in such a profound way. I know, I know - I should explain. I think you better sit down. Are you sitting? OK - the badass Mr. T has... *sniffle* ...has now been reduced to selling light bulb ovens on infomercials.... IS THERE NO GOD?!

Sep 15, 2009

12 Jobs You’ll Do Better While Stoned

Common knowledge tells us that smoking weed while trying to do anything "productive" is a fool's errand - the two just don't mix. And if you're a lawyer, airline pilot, large crane operator or brain surgeon, that's probably true. But for many of us, with far less intense jobs, marijuana can actually help you do your job better! Here are the 12 jobs where weed actually acts as a performance-enhancing drug.

Sep 15, 2009

There’s Nothing Better Than a Fight [Video]

No denying it - fights are exciting. Especially when they're between people you know. Which is why these classy young ladies are so amped up, they decided to bring their video camera to capture the action. But when the shirtless dude finally steps into the grey-shirt-kid's yard (1:30), that's when things really get interesting.

Sep 14, 2009

Bus Slams into Porsche [Video]

In general, the world is a horribly hard, unfair place. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and everybody's pretty much pissed off all the time. But every so often, the stars align perfectly, and that douchebag who parked his Porsche illegally in the bust lane gets rammed. God, that must have felt good...

Sep 11, 2009

Dogs Humping Cats [Videos]

So, it's 9-11. And I tried really hard to think of a video that properly commemorates the tragedies that happened on this day, eight years ago. (Without, you know, getting all... weird.) But after considering the sheer insanity that's erupted since then, the only thing I could think of was dogs humping cats.

Sep 10, 2009

Hot Chicks in Black & White Flicks [Videos]

Having created some of the most hilarious, babe-licious, original videos on the internet, we've come to expect good things from the guys at So when they sent us their series, "Hot Chicks in Black & White Flicks" we knew it'd be awesome. (Honestly, pretty much anything involving hot chicks in bikinis is right up our alley.) So, without further adieu...

Sep 10, 2009

Clerk Beats the Crap Out of Armed Robber [Video]

For most of us, having someone try to rob you at gunpoint has to be one of the most terrifying situations imaginable. For this convenience store clerk, on the other hand, it seems to have made his day. With a gun in his face, this dude proceeds to calmly walk around the counter, and beat the ever-living crap out of the wannabe thief.