Giraffe Nearly Abducts Toddler at Texas Safari Park

Giraffes are usually not dangerous animals. But one family in Texas might disagree after their toddler was almost taken by a giraffe at a safari park.

Imagine that!

Giraffes aren’t from the U.S. They live in Africa, but you can see them in zoos and wildlife parks here. One such place is the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas, about 90 minutes from Dallas. This park has all sorts of exotic animals like rhinos, zebras, and giraffes. Visitors can even feed the giraffes by hand.

The Fossil Rim website says giraffes are safe to feed because they can’t bite humans. Their teeth are mostly at the back of their mouths, and the front teeth are only on their lower gums. But they can still grab things, as one family found out.

Jason Toten and his fiancée visited Fossil Rim with their two-year-old daughter, Paisley, on June 1st. While feeding a giraffe, it lifted Paisley from her mom’s arms for a moment before dropping her back into the car. It was a shocking experience for the family.

According to KWTX, Paisley was holding a bag of pellets for feeding the animals when the giraffe grabbed her shirt instead. Her mom yelled, “Hey!” which startled the giraffe, and Paisley was safely returned.

After the incident, they went to the gift shop. Paisley got a stuffed giraffe as a reward for her bravery. Her dad said she “deserved” it.

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