Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Reunite Shortly After Her Apparent Instagram Shade


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were seen hanging out together. This happened right after JLo hinted on Instagram about people who aren’t very honest.

It’s been a whirlwind of gossip about these two ever since we heard they might split up.

They’ve been a couple before, getting together around the time JLo was planning to marry another guy, Alex Rodriguez, back in 2021. Throughout their marriage, Ben often looked really unhappy, especially when the paparazzi wouldn’t leave them alone. On the flip side, JLo’s been having a tough time with her concert tour not doing so well, her new movie getting bad reviews, and people saying she’s not very nice.

Some folks say the breakup isn’t Ben’s fault. But then, JLo liked a post on Instagram that seems to say she thinks it is. Back in March, she liked something from a relationship coach named Lenna Marsak. Marsak’s post said you can’t have a good relationship with someone who doesn’t get themselves. It’s easy to start a relationship, but hard to keep it going. Love is about what you do, not just a feeling.

In that post, it talked about things that can mess up a relationship, like not being honest, not feeling safe, not respecting time, not talking well, and not knowing what you want.

It’s pretty unlikely that JLo, who knows a lot about the media, would randomly like an old Instagram post about breakups right when people are saying she’s getting divorced.

Remember, this is the same JLo who, rumor has it, managed her split from Alex Rodriguez to look good in the public eye. Just a few hours after she liked that Instagram post, she and Ben were seen together, looking like a happy family at Ben’s son’s school play. They were even wearing their wedding rings. (Kinda reminds you of the A-Rod thing, doesn’t it?)

It was the first time they’d been seen together in over a month. After the play, Ben gave JLo a lift back home, but then he went off to his place in Brentwood.

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