How High Rollers Impact the Economics of Casinos

High rollers tend to be some of the most sought-after players a casino can get. Yet, they are also a bit of a two-edged sword as they can just as easily win big sums as they could lose them. Regardless, casinos really focus on acquiring high rollers as their customers as they ultimately try to build a player base of well-heeled and paying players. Websites such as the ones you will find at are exclusively hosted to attract such a kind of player. This begs the question why, which we set out to explain in this article.

Biggest Drivers of Revenue

Love them, hate them, or fear them – high rollers are the biggest drivers of casino revenue. Although the online gambling industry is quite vast and their impact is hard to gauge, there have been consistent reports across numerous developed markets that high rollers may be accounting for as much as 95% of the casino revenue – this is for online casinos though. Then again, they may be as few as 1-5% of the entire player base that a casino has. This reveals the significant impact that high rollers actually have on the gambling industry and individual casinos that are determined to acquire as many such players as possible.

High Risk, High Reward

The big driver of revenue is just one side of the story. The truth is that every time a high roller joins a casino, they do really have an honest chance of winning big. If this happens, especially with new casinos, they may go under. This is why high rollers definitely bring a fair bit of value to their players, but at the same time they are known to also impact the economics of casinos that host them significantly – they can either contribute a lot to the revenue bottom line, but then again, they may lead to indebtedness or negative carry over for the business from one year to the next. 

Reimagining the Land-Based Experience 

Now, you may be wondering – are high rollers only native to online casino gambling or land-based gambling? Well, as it turns out, high rollers account for more than 50% of the revenue in the United States land-based gambling casinos. This means that they are a significant part of the brick-and-mortar gambling experience, and this is an undeniable fact. In fact, many land-based casinos are wondering if they shouldn’t up their betting limits as this would allow them to attract a more exclusive clientele. The idea is still being discussed, but you can evidently see how high rollers are actually having an impact on even business decisions for the gambling industry. 

Online Casinos Are Getting on the Action 

So, we have established that high rollers have a huge impact on land-based casino floors. We similarly touched on the online casino industry, arguing that reports from regulated markets such as New Jersey and the United Kingdom indicate that the biggest chunk of online casino revenue is indeed coming from high rollers. They account for 95% of all revenue that internet casinos are driving and are doubly important to brands that are looking to establish themselves in the long-term. 

Are High Rollers the Biggest Losers?

Despite the threat of winning big – and sometimes doing so, high rollers may also be the biggest losers. Generally well-to-do individuals with plenty of cash on hand to spend and never bat an eye about their losses, high rollers may yet be the biggest losers you will find at any casino! This is why despite the opportunity and real chance of winning big, most casinos will always cater to them, pamper them, and bring them in. This doesn’t mean that if you are a high roller you are going to lose. Not in the slightest. In fact, it helps for the casino to think so, doesn’t it?

High Rollers Are the Beating Pulse of Gambling

For better or for worse, casinos cannot make do without high rollers. Although they advertise a positive and fun experience for all, the main and most important target group for casino brands are the high rollers. They have a revitalizing financial impact on online and land-based casinos both making them one of the most important groups of players to find at any brand. 

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