First ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Trailer Officially Set To Drop In December

A release date for the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI is reportedly coming soon.

Fans have been clamoring for a new installment to the Grand Theft Auto series for years, and we finally have confirmation that the first official trailer will be coming our way in a matter of weeks.

A trailer will be released in December as Rockstar Games celebrates its 25th anniversary.

If all goes well, the release date will be revealed at the end of the trailer.

The last GTA release, Grand Theft Auto V, dropped in 2013 and sold over 185 million copies.

Grand Theft Auto VI is “set in a fictional version of Miami and features two protagonists, a man and a woman.”

As the anticipation for Grand Theft Auto VI continued to grow, hours of early footage leaked last year by two teenagers in the United Kingdom.

While we will all still have to wait for the release of the game, having a confirmed release date will bring us one step closer to having the game in our hands and loaded on our consoles.

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