Ursus Knife Skins: Which Skins Are Popular And Profitable?

At the end of September, developer Valve presented CS2 — the long-awaited new version of the famous game, Counter-Strike. Game fans have been waiting for this event for several years. Rumors about a new version existed for a very long time, and this year the release took place.

In CS2 you can notice many changes, but the developers especially paid attention to skins. They have become more realistic and detailed. This will greatly please fans of skins because many people buy them for their colorfulness and pleasure. Especially in this context, it is worth highlighting the Ursus knife, because its skins are elegant with a beautiful combination of colors.

Ursus Knife Skins

After the release of CS2, ursus knife skins became more detailed and colorful, so they look even more natural and aesthetically pleasing in the game. Read below to find out about the skins popular among gamers.

Ursus Knife | Crimson Web

This skin has a bright red blade and a matching hilt ring. There is also a black cobweb on the red paint, which has become more noticeable and detailed in the new game version. If we talk about the cost, you can buy the skin from $290.

Ursus Knife | Fade

This is a very popular skin, with some of the most memorable coloring in the game. You may notice several colors on the blade — the blue, yellow, and pink make an incredible gradient. Moreover, when exposed to daylight, the colors shimmer beautifully, giving the user aesthetic pleasure while playing.

The prices are as follows:

  • from $500 for Factory New;
  • from $515 for Minimal Wear.

The paint does not deteriorate much and remains almost like new.

Ursus Knife | Tiger Tooth

Tiger Tooth is a popular skin for this knife. The blade is orange with yellow stripes on top, which resemble a tiger’s stripes. The handle is not striped, and fits perfectly with this skin. You can buy a Factory New exterior skin for $393.

Ursus Knife | Slaughter

The skin has a combination of red and burgundy colors as if a reminder that blood has several shades. In this context, these are the colors of fresh and dried blood, which is why the name of the skin is so evocative. In a Factory New exterior, the skin costs $460.

Conclusion: What Will Happen to Prices in the Future?

The release of CS2 has significantly increased the hype around the game. At the same time, the cost of skins has increased significantly. According to preliminary estimates from CS2 specialists and fans, the price may increase by 20–30%, and for some rare copies, by even more.

This shows that now is the time to invest in skins. A situation like this doesn’t happen often, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a potential profit.

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