How To Host The Perfect Movie Night

For many movie lovers, a trip to the cinema feels like a waste of time and money these days. While the global pandemic did nothing to help struggling movie theater chains, the reality is more and more people are creating the ultimate movie-viewing experience in the comfort of their own homes. 

From setting the scene with cozy and comfortable seating to accommodating the smokers in the group with fruity Vapes Australia, your next movie night will solidify you as the perfect host in your friend group. 

Pick a Theme

The best way to create a memorable and cohesive evening is by choosing a theme around which you base your movie selections and perhaps even your food. It offers the perfect excuse to rewatch the famous collections of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter. Alternatively, it creates the opportunity to explore more niche films or the selected work of a specific actor or director. 

If you want to go one step further, ask your guests to dress in line with the theme and serve finger food and snacks that are authentic to the time or location where the movies are set. 

Tasty Finger Food is a Must

If you are going to the cinema to see a film, you will likely go out for dinner first. Keep your guests well-fed by rustling up a small selection of delicious finger food that will provide enough sustenance without going overboard. After all, you wouldn’t want to spoil appetites for movie popcorn and sweets. 

Choose recipes that can be made in advance or are quick and easy to assemble just before everyone arrives. Choose options that are easy to eat standing up or away from a table and require little to no cutlery to enjoy. 

Keep Things Comfortable

You will want your guests to have maximum comfort to enjoy the movie, so be sure to provide plenty of cozy blankets and pillows to snuggle under or use to cover their faces for jump-scare moments. Remember that all your guests will prefer something slightly different, so having multiple options will guarantee everyone has something they like. 

Suppose the weather is on the cooler side. In that case, they will appreciate the opportunity to keep warm while enjoying the film, but if the temperature is on the hotter side, ensure you are able to keep the room at a cool and comfortable temperature, especially if you plan to keep windows and curtains shut while watching. 

Provide Seating Options

Comfort is key when hosting a movie night, and this extends to the seating options available once the film starts. For most people, their lounge sofa is not large enough to host a group of people, so it pays to think ahead when planning your event. 

Invest in comfortable setting options like bean bags that can be pulled from other parts of your home whenever you may need them. If your budget doesn’t accommodate them, opt for oversized floor cushions, which will provide plenty of seating choices for guests as long as they can lean back against the wall or furniture. Be mindful that only some of your guests may be able to sit on the floor, so having a few proper chairs from which to choose is a must.

Create a Refreshment Table

No movie night is complete without fresh and crunchy popcorn. Pop it in advance at home or grab some pre-prepared bags. If you are unsure whether to choose salty or sweet, cater to all palettes by providing both options. Set out multiple bowls that can be shared in couples, or go the extra step and secure individual retro-striped boxes. 

Alongside this staple snack, your guests will appreciate a small refreshment table where they can grab a drink to quench their thirst without missing a moment of the film. Use a drinks trolley or side table with a selection of water, soft drinks, and juices. Add some beer or wine to the mix if your friends aren’t driving home. 

Plan Your Lighting

Ensuring you have proper lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of hosting a movie night. If you plan to screen a few films, some of your movie-watching will likely take place during the day. If your viewing area has windows, dark or blackout curtains will be needed to prevent sunlight glare. 

It is also important to remember that your guests will likely want to get up and move around while the film is playing to stretch their legs, use the bathroom, or grab some snacks. To prevent anyone from crashing into furniture, set up ambient lighting that will allow people to safely find their way without distracting from the movie. 

Disposable Vapes for the Group Smokers

While smoking may not be as common as it once was, it is likely in your group of friends, at least one or two people smoke or use a vape. While it is perfectly understandable that you may not want people smoking in your home, you likely don’t want to alienate those guests either by sending them outside to smoke. 

Instead, find a compromise by providing them with a disposable vape that will satisfy their cravings without missing out on the fun or filling your home with unpleasant smells. They come in a variety of fruity flavors, providing a burst of pleasant aromas before the vapor disappears into the air.

Plan Post-Movie Drinks

If time permits, once the credits have rolled, take the time to plan post-movie drinks that your guests can enjoy while discussing the film, as there aren’t many opportunities to socialize while the movie is playing. 

If the weather permits, move your group outside to enjoy drinks and conversation in the fresh air. Keep things cozy with ambient lighting or a few candles and hot refreshments for those who would prefer to skip the alcohol. It is the perfect way to end a great movie night. 

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