Taco Bell Is Testing Out A Limited-Time Baja Blast Gelato In Southern California

Taco Bell is blowing everyone’s minds.

Taco Bell made the Baja Blast a hit and now it is taking things to the next level. Recently, Taco Bell introduced its first-ever gelato that will be tested out at one location in Southern California.

The product? A Baja Blast Gelato.

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite drink will be the flavor that inspires the fast food chain’s first-ever gelato.

The Baja Blast Gelato will cost just $2.99 for a 3.6-ounce to-go container.

“This is the first time we are releasing a gelato and we are so excited to hear how fans enjoy the sweet and creamy indulgence,” said Liz Matthews, Global Chief Food Innovation Officer at Taco Bell, in a press release. “BAJA BLAST is iconic to Taco Bell and has its own strong fandom, so introducing it in gelato form feels right. As the end of summer nears, this is the perfect treat to wrap up any Taco Bell meal.”

The test location is in Irvine, CA (4101 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA 92612).

If you want to try out the Baja Blast Gelato, you better act fast. It is currently available and its limited-time release is scheduled for two weeks or while supplies last.

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