Woman Drags Climate Change Activist Off Road By Hair For Blocking Traffic (VIDEO)

A woman has gone viral for a video of her interaction with a climate change activist in Bottrop, Germany.

People in Europe are growing frustrated by the ongoing protests which have included multiple members of the group Letzte Generation – which translates to “The Last Generation” – sitting or laying in the middle of the road to block traffic.

The protests have led to tensions boiling over and motorists exiting their vehicles to forcibly remove the protesters from the street.

In the viral video, a woman can be seen grabbing one of the protesters by her hair and dragging her to the side of the road. The protester returns to the middle of the street but is swiftly grabbed by the hair again and removed as vehicles begin to pass the intersection.

Police have been reviewing the footage to see if any criminal charges are necessary. The climate change activists, meanwhile, were taken into custody.

The activists have been wasting everyone’s time to protest against mass transit pollution.

“The Last Generation isn’t protecting the climate, they’re engaged in criminal activity,” Transport Minister Volker Wissing said, via the New York Post.

One of the activist groups’ other stunts includes gluing their hands to the concrete so they cannot be dragged off of the roads or removed without the involvement of the fire department, which then has to chisel away at the concrete to have them removed.

They recently pulled that stunt to block plane traffic at two airports which led to 46 canceled or diverted flights.

If you want to get people to listen to your cause, inconveniencing the public is not the way to go.

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