5 Finance Management Tips for College Students

Are you a college student who is looking for ways to be smarter when it comes to money? College students are notoriously working with a tight budget, which can make it hard to not only cover expenses but to also start saving for the future. It’s a lot to juggle and can be quite stressful. To ensure you’re able to keep your mind on your studies and not on money stress, we’ve got five finance management tips that are sure to help.

Use a Budgeting App to Keep You Organized

While most people understand budgets can be helpful, creating one isn’t always simple. Not only that but how do you track expenses after you’ve made a budget? This is why free budgeting apps have become so popular. A budgeting app gives you a simple, streamlined, and quick way to create a budget and then track every penny you make and spend. You’ll be able to see real-time calculations, set up bill payment reminders, savings reminders, and so forth.

If you’ve never created a budget before, chances are you don’t need anything too in-depth. Keep things simple and look for just a basic budgeting app that isn’t filled with unnecessary bells and whistles. 

A few budgeting apps worth checking out are:

  • Mint
  • PocketGuard
  • EveryDollar

Focus on High-Interest Debt First

Many college students carry debt so this is also a great time to learn about prioritizing payments. The ones you want to work on chipping down first are the ones with the highest interest. The faster you can pay off the high-interest debt, the less money you’ll spend on the interest. Credit cards are notorious for having extremely high-interest rates, so that’s a good one to focus on.

Find Ways to Save Money

Saving money on expenses will most definitely help your budget and as a student, this will be appreciated. Tips can include using coupons, waiting for sales and promotions, taking advantage of student discounts, and vowing not to buy big-ticket items at regular prices. You can make saving money a challenge where you’re always on the hunt for the best deal.

Get a Part-Time Job

And how will you pay for all your expenses and schooling? If you don’t yet have a part-time job, now is the time to get one. Be sure to pick a job that will still give you time to get your school work done, yet gives you as many hours as you can handle. Even if you aren’t making a lot of money, it will still help you where budgeting is concerned.

The trick is to dramatically increase your hours when you’re not in school such as winter break, spring break, and summer break.

Invest in Budget-Friendly Stocks

When people think about the stock market and what it means to invest, often they assume that you need a lot of available cash to be successful in this venture. That’s not the case at all. For those with lower budgets, penny stocks can be the perfect way to dip your toes into the action, make investments, and potentially start earning a little cash. 

Because these are budget-friendly stocks, you don’t have to worry about taking huge risks and they won’t negatively affect your financial portfolio. It can also help you to become more comfortable with investing in general, financial jargon, and how to research the companies you invest in. This will make you better prepared to make bigger investments when the time is right.

Learn How to Be Smart with Your Money

This is a great time for you to learn not just the value of money but how to be smart with it. It’s a lesson that will serve you well.

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