Best NFL Movies

The National Football League (NFL) is loved across the country by football fans, professionals and amateurs alike. The Super Bowl has now become a sacred tradition for most Americans and a highly anticipated yearly event. 

Many Americans look forward to NFL matches and the Superbowl because it’s an opportunity for them to place sports bets on nfl lines, eat delicious snacks, gather with family members and friends, and watch great NFL movies. 

This article will present some of the best NFL movies out there. You will then have to pick the one that best suits your movie taste, personal preferences and group of friends or family members. 

Why watch a NFL movie? 

NFL movies are a great way to get in the NFL mood. You can watch a NFL film ahead of a NFL match or the Superbowl. 

You can also watch a NFL movie if you are a big fan of American football and miss NFL season or Superbowl time. These movies are a great way to patiently wait for future football matches during the quieter seasons. 

As mentioned before, you can choose to watch these with your partner, friends or family members. Bring out your Superbowl snacks, make a night out of it, and enjoy! 

Top NFL movies to watch now 

Here are our top picks of NFL movies that you can watch now. Please note that these films are listed in no particular order. 

Films are also very subjective so bear in mind that our list might not suit your needs perfectly. You will have to find the one that resonates best with you from the list below!

  • The Blind Side (2009)

This movie is one of the most famous American football films out there. As some of you may know, it is based on a book written by Michael Lewis and published in 2006. 

The heartwarming and inspiring film is based on the real-life story of Michael Oher

Oher had a traumatic childhood and difficult upbringing. However, his life took a different turn when he received the help and support of Leigh Anne Tuohy and her family. 

His life completely changed for the better when he became a first round NFL draft pick. 

The film was directed by John Lee Hancock and stars Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron and Lily Collins. Other actors who appear in it include Jae Head, Kim Dickens and Kathy Bates. 

It was released at the end of 2009 and was made on a budget of $29 million dollars. The film was extremely successful, earning $309.2 million dollars at the box office. 

Sandra Bullock was highly acclaimed for her moving performance in this film. 

The Blind Side earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama. She also received a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role. 

  • Heaven Can Wait (1978) 

This movie is one of the highest-rated American football movies on Rotten Tomatoes. It is a bit older than the other films on this list, but it’s worth a watch if you’re a fan of American football films. 

The movie focuses on a Los Angeles Rams quarterback player who is accidentally brought to heaven too early. The player then returns to life but not in his own body but that of a recently murdered millionaire. 

The film was directed by Warren Beatty and Buck Henry. It stars Warren Beatty, James Mason, Julie Christie and Jack Warden. 

The film won the Oscar for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration and was nominated in 8 other Academy Award categories. 

The film was a commercial success, earning $98.8 million dollars at the box office against a budget of $6 million dollars. 

Other films worth a watch

Here are some of the other films in our top NFL movie picks: 

  • Rudy (1993) 
  • Friday Night Lights (2004) 
  • Remember the Titans (2000) 
  • Jerry Maguire (1996) 
  • Brian’s Song (1971) 
  • We Are Marshall (2006) 
  • Any Given Sunday (1999) 
  • Varsity Blues (1999) 
  • Black Sunday (1977) 
  • Invincible (2006) 
  • Semi-Tough (1977) 
  • The Longest Yard (1974) 

Some of these films focus more on the football and sports aspect of American football whereas others blend romance and comedy into the film and use American football as a backdrop. 

Depending on your personal taste and preferences, you might opt for a comedy or romance-based film with American football elements to it, or a very American football-centered film. 

Fans of American football might find historical or biographical films about American football, like The Blind Side, more to their liking. 

Final thoughts 

In this article, we presented some of the best NFL movies out there. These films are great movie night options for those who love American football or want to learn more about it. 

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