Factory-Sealed, First-Generation iPhone Sells For $63,000 At Auction

A lot of us had the first-generation iPhone in 2007, but is your original phone still in your possession?

Well, there was one forward thinker who left their original iPhone in a factory-sealed box and recently sold it at an auction for a hefty profit. The first-generation, 2007 iPhone sold for a whopping $63,000.

From the New York Post:

The lucky seller of the $63K iPhone, Karen Green, said she had gotten the phone as a gift from friends for starting a new job in 2007. Green, however, already had a new phone and didn’t want to switch wireless carriers in order to activate the iPhone, she said.

It sat unopened on her shelf for 12 years until she had it appraised on the daytime TV show “The Doctor & The Diva” in 2019.

Green, who owns a cosmetic tattoo studio in New Jersey, sold the phone to support her business.

“If I could hold off on the phone for like another 10 years, I probably would,” Green told Insider. “The only reason why I am selling that phone is because I need to support this business.”

Sometimes it pays to hold on to ancient technology relics.

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