Is FOX’s New Show ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ A Real Show?

If you watch enough sporting events on television sooner rather than later, the same 5 commercials will replay over and over again. We’ve all been singing the beautiful hymn created by Burger King known as “Whopper, Whopper, Whopper, Whopper.”

Depending on what network a game is on, we all now know the primetime lineups for NBC, CBS, and Fox by heart. Just so everyone knows, Magnum P.I. is now on NBC. My Grandmother was taken aback by the news.

However, FOX caught my attention last night between my bathroom break/ fridge run. The attention grabber happened to be FOX’s newest reality show, Farmer Wants A Wife.

Listen, I am not a reality T.V. snob. In its heyday, I lived for fist pumping and watching the meatballs absolutely burn down the dance floor on Jersey Shore. Farmer Wants A Wife looks to be the early candidate for the worst show of the year already.

Of course, it will be watched by millions, and I will have to deal with commercial after commercial during any sporting event I watch on FOX. Farmer Wants A Wife will be the show five years from now that I see an advertisement about and say, “Holy shit! That’s still on?”

Farmer Wants A Wife premieres Wednesday, March 8, at 9 p.m. EST on FOX. Watch at your own peril. You know what? I’ll watch the first five minutes. Only to reminisce on the days when it was T-Shirt time and how I would pronounce boardwalk like I was a member of the Soprano Mob family.

Somebody find the farmer a wife!

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