The White Lotus Season 2 Review

While on the impossible quest to find new shows to give a shot in a streaming service world, one title continued to be mentioned to me. I heard so many great things about HBO’s The White Lotus that I had to give it a shot. Season one hooked me immediately, and I binged the entire show in one sitting.

My expectations for season two were very high. In some ways, it delivered; in others, I felt myself drifting to pay attention. It’s time to dissect the latest season and give my unnecessary thoughts on this installment. Here is the review of season two of The White Lotus.

The Good

I, Tanya

Let’s start with the best parts of season two. The best character from season one returned for season two, as Jennifer Coolidge reprised her role as Tanya. This season, Tanya’s arch was the strongest of the stories, and her eventual demise was the perfect way for Tanya to end her run on The White Lotus. Season 3 must give us Tanya’s long-lost identical twin. We deserve more Coolidge.

The Italian Ladies Of The Night

Lucia and Mia had me wondering if the life of a gigolo is worth me moving to Italy and living a fantasy life. Unfortunately, I’ve seen Deuce Biggolo European Gigolo. I’ll take my chances of writing stories and living on my couch.

Lucia played her hand throughout the entire season by staying true to who she was. A hustler who knows how to play the game of life. Meanwhile, Mia found her dream job by nearly killing the hotel pianist with bogus boner pills. Life is good for the Italian gals.

The Bad

Uninteresting Couples Drama

I am an Aubrey Plaza stan. If Plaza has a role, I’m watching. But, no matter how talented Plaza and co-star Meghann Fahy are, I never found interest in the swinger storyline that unfolded by the final episode. The two couples were uninteresting, and I found myself unglued to the show when their story was on screen.

Bloated lineup

This plays off of what I just mentioned with the uninteresting couple’s storyline. Season one shined in the multi-storylines that were shared. Season two didn’t bring the same thunder. Portia felt pointless, the aforementioned couple’s drama was lackluster, and the DiMarco’s storyline was only there for Lucia to find her sugar daddy.

If there is a season three, the B stories need a little more sizzle.

The White Lotus Season 2 Review: 6.9/10

Seeing Micahel Imperioli back on the screen was the ultimate moment for The Sopranos fans. However, even with Imperioli’s presence and Jennifer Coolidge trying her best to carry the entire season on her high heels, after digesting the whole season, I felt the majority was a swing and a miss. Still, season three can’t get here fast enough.


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