Christmas 2022: The 5 Best Movies Of The Holiday Season

One of the more fun topics to debate with family and friends is talking about favorite Christmas movies. Everyone has that one film that stands atop their mountain. Pounding its chest, saying, “I’m the greatest of all time!” Which one is that for me? Here are the 5 greatest Christmas movies of all time.

5. Elf

When I was carving out my list, I never would have expected to see Elf this low on my countdown. At one time, I believed the Will Farrell classic was the greatest Christmas movie of all time. Times change. People change. One thing that will never change is every time I have an aggressively loud burp, I will shout, “Did you hear that?”

4. Home Alone

I have consumed so many nights of Home Alone in my life that the movie has gone from an all-time favorite to an all-time snoozefest in many cycles. In the end, there’s no question that Kevin McCallister tormenting the Wet Bandits is a classic.

3. The Santa Clause

Tim Allen is basically the Leonardo DiCaprio of the holiday season. The Santa Clause started a trilogy that spun into a current Disney+ show. Allen’s quick shots at Neal, the therapist, still make me laugh. It is a shame that nobody was freaked out that Scott Calvin gained 100 lbs overnight. Somebody look out for the guy!

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

How The Grinch Stole Christmas has always spoken to me. I see myself in the Grinch. A cold-hearted bastard who would rather spend his time alone in a cave, naked, eating junk. That is literally my life. Except I’m still looking for a good cave to call home.

1. Christmas Vacation

The video above is exactly what my house looked like every holiday season. The entire family would always get together and laugh like it was the first time we ever saw the movie. No matter what was happening in our lives. Like dad calling us morons or mom giving us a guilt trip that sent us into Christmas despair, Christmas Vacation night always brought the troops together.

Yes, before you ask, I do have a therapy appointment tomorrow. Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.

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