The Top 5 Worst Christmas Songs Of All Time

We’re mere days away from Christmas. My chestnuts have roasted on open fires. Jack Frost was caught sleeping with my wife. Many times and in many ways, I’m ready for Christmas to be over. The worst part of the Christmas season is terrible holiday songs. I’m not a complete Grinch. I do enjoy some of the music. However, some songs should be banished from the Christmas season. Here are the top 5 worst Christmas songs.

5. Happy Xmas (War Is Over), John Lennon, Yoko Ono

The Beatles have never been my thing, but I get it. One thing I don’t get is the love for this John Lennon Christmas “classic.” It’s repetitive and annoying. The children chanting becomes unbearable after a while, and this song is a downright snoozer when it comes to holiday cheer.

4. Last Christmas, Pentatonix

Wham! sat the bar unbelievably high when they delivered Last Christmas. Few have tried, and all have failed to match the greatness of Wham! Pentatonix did not deliver with their rendition of the holiday classic. The autotuned version of Last Christmas should be retired out of respect to the dynamic Wham! duo.

3. I Never Knew The Meaning Of Christmas, N’SYNC

I’m not a N’SYNC hater by any means. Yes, my loyalties lie with the Backstreet Boys regarding the battle of the greatest millennial boy bands. N’SYNC delivered a perfect song that encapsulates the early 2000s with the release of I Never Knew The Meaning Of Christmas. Not one of the top choices in the N’SYNC catalog.

2. 2000 Miles, Pretenders

Upon my research on horrible Christmas songs, I stumbled upon this little diddy. I’m not sure I had ever listened to this song before finding it just recently. Holy Santa Claus balls, Batman! This song deserves to stay hidden in the holiday lore. I would give this attempt at holiday spirit two thumbs down.

1. The Christmas Shoes, NewSong

If you’re looking for a reason to be depressed and a song that will have you question the meaning of life, look no further than NewSong’s “The Christmas Shoes.” This song was created by psychopaths who only thought to inflict pain on those trying to seek happiness through the “cheerful” season. It has been years since I have listened to this song, and I can only hope the sounds of this song never mix with my eardrums ever again.

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