Casino Insider Reveals the Top Slot Machine Playing Strategy 

I recently spent an afternoon chatting to someone who had recently retired from the casino industry. 

They started their working life as a slot attendant and having worked over the years in many other areas of the casino, when they called it a day they were working in the marketing department for the same casino they started their career with.

Obviously, they had plenty of stories to tell, but I was interested in one topic of conversation we got onto, and that was the age-old question that all gamblers want to know the answer to, that being which are the highest paying games on any casinos gaming floor.

Whilst the answer to that question are the Blackjack and Video Poker games, due to their low house edges and higher RTP’s, it is true to say most players much prefer playing slot machines, so I did ask that retiree are there are strategies they have discovered or seen being used over the years that give players a better chance of winning.

Well, I was told in no uncertain terms that the location of slot machines on a large casinos gaming floor is often relevant to just how high or how low the payout percentages on those machines have been set.

The high-traffic areas have always been, and seemingly will always remain to be, the spots at which casino managers will place their slots that have been set with much higher paybacks.

The logic to that way of thinking and operating, is that many people are going to see those strategically placed higher paying machines in those locations pay-out, which could in turn lure them into the main area of the casino to play and try their luck.

The main area is where the slot machines with the lowest payout percentages are often located, therefore helping the casino make more money much quicker.

So, if you fancy trying your luck in any casino, then concentrate most or all of your playing efforts on playing the slots which are located in the high-traffic areas, for often the paybacks are much higher on those slots than they are on the ones located elsewhere in the casino.

I was also informed that new slot machines are always worth playing, as the paybacks on those machines often get increased for a week or two after they have been wheeled out onto a gaming floor but are then lowered as the machines become established.

Once again, there is logic and reasons as to why casino managers opt to boost the payouts of all new slot machines, and that is to drum up interest in those new machines by having them pay out more to players, who are always likely to want to play them again at a later date if they did have a good initial session playing them in the past.

Obviously by lower the RTP’s down once the slot has become established on a gaming floor, will see the casino making more money over the long term from those players who originally played those machines when their paybacks were much higher.

One other handy tip I was told, revolves around a type of slot machine that offers a progressive jackpot that is designed to be won by players before it reaches a certain value.

Those types of jackpots are known as “guaranteed hit by jackpots” and will always be won before they reach the maximum limit at which they can rise to in value, for reference there is a whole range of sister sites online that offer such games.

The best strategy for players to adopt if they do enjoy playing jackpot awarding slots is to go hunting around looking for the ones that currently have a value on the jackpot meter that is not too far away from its guaranteed hit by value and stick to playing that machine.

As for the benefit of doing so, well as the jackpot cannot go over the guaranteed hit by amount, if it is fast approaching that figure then that jackpot is going to be awarded sooner rather than later and by playing it you will soon win that jackpot, so keep that tip in mind.

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