Does The United States Deliver Mail on Labor Day 2022?

It’s Labor Day (Monday, September 5th) and that means two things: a long weekend and the end of summer (real big catch 22 there).

Landing on the first Monday of each September, Labor Day is a holiday to celebrate the American labor movement and meant as a tribute to all the accomplishments of the American workforce.

Born in Oregon in 1887, Labor Day became a day to celebrate to American Labor movement. Each year on the first Monday of September, millions of Americans get to relax and enjoy all the accomplishments they’ve accomplished as well as the strength and well-being of America!

Most of the American workforce has the day off in order to honor their contributions to the economy and their respective businesses. However, not everyone is so lucky and you might be asking whether or not mail will still be getting delivered on Labor Day.

But like most holidays, one might be wondering if there will be mail delivered this coming Labor Day.

Does the United States Deliver Mail on Labor Day?

Short answer: Not a chance. According to the official United States Postal Service closes its doors and shuts down its service for about ten holidays per year! Which means if you’re trying to send or receive something on one of these holidays, you might as well just wait another day. The list of holidays the USPS are closed are:

It should also be noted that UPS and FedEx will both be closed for Labor Day and most of the aforementioned holidays.
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Protected: Becoming a family nurse practitioner
Protected: Becoming a family nurse practitioner
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