Warner Bros. Decides It Will Be A Great Idea To Copy Marvel’s Cinematic Plan

The DC Cinematic Universe has been the talk of the week for many reasons. Most of it is terrible news that Warner Brothers doesn’t want to be involved with, that includes the cancellation of the ‘Batgirl’ film. As fans worldwide have voiced their displeasure with the recent film cancellation, Warner Brothers would like to ensure fans that they have a 10-year plan to solve all of their problems. What could possibly go wrong?

While copying the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t a bad thought, DC has struggled to find any footing with their cinematic series, as the company has attempted to recast roles and continues to push back film releases or even cancel films entirely. The 10-year plan sounds promising on paper, but DC has already had a chance to create a 10-year plan and has failed miserably in the process.

DC will have a significant uphill battle to contend with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the recent news that Ben Affleck will be reprising his role as Batman in the Aquaman sequel, fans continue to patiently wait if Henry Cavil will still be in the role of Superman. The pressure is on for Warner Brothers and DC to finally hit a home run with all of these iconic comic book characters.


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Protected: Jordan Peele returns with genre-defying hit movie
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