Made in Britain: 10 Great English Series You’ve Loved or Missed

Britain is a country releasing dozens of series annually. Some of them aren’t as spectacular as viewers expected, while others have even inspired those who create Bizzo games and write books. Here are the best series to watch now.

The End of the F***ing World

An adaptation of the comic book of the same name about two teenagers. James and Alyssa are 17 years old. He’s pretty sure he’s a psychopath. She’s the cool and cranky new kid at school. When the pair get involved in a crazy journey, there is more than just friendship between them.


Young Scotsman Dylan literally suffers from a love disease: after the protagonist is diagnosed with chlamydia, he tries to break the bad news to all his former lovers. Dylan lives with best friends Luke and Evie, the latter of whom used to be secretly in love with the main character. Viewers watch not only how the protagonist himself but also his friends, change in all this love agony.


You’ve probably seen it before, but still: it’s an iconic adaptation of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories in contemporary London. As in the original, Watson (Martin Freeman) returns from Afghanistan, meets Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), and helps him with his investigations. Only this time, Sherlock’s partner has a blog.


The murder of a boy in a small coastal town draws national attention to Broadchurch. Trying to solve the mystery of the crime are local police woman Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy, a visitor with a reputation for failure.

Sex Education

One of the most popular dramedies about teenage problems. The main character’s mother is a sexologist and helps adults deal with love problems on a daily basis. Soon Otis himself discovers that high school sex education is paying off in no small way. Together with the main rebel, Maeve, they set up an underground sexotherapy clinic in the school – not for free, of course.

Derry Girls

A British show about Northern Ireland and the problems of adolescence against the backdrop of historical upheaval. The story of four teenage girls and one boy in a closed Catholic school with sharp and unexpectedly deep humor.

The Crown

A large-scale show about the life of Elizabeth II, from her accession to the throne in 1947 to the 21st century. An intriguing and thoroughly accurate historical drama about the life and legacy of the British queen.

Peaky Blinders

A family gangster epic set in a post-war British province. At the head of the plot, there is the “Peaky Blinders” family gang from Birmingham, which is suddenly hunted by the authorities and the private detectives hired by them.


An ex-military man becomes the bodyguard of the Minister of the Interior, an ambitious woman whose political agenda runs counter to the hero’s personal beliefs. As the plot and their relationship develops, it becomes increasingly difficult for the bodyguard to do his job.


It’s a wacky British version of “Friends.” The stories of six twenty-something friends who live in an abandoned hospital are intertwined in the most unexpected ways.

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