Chilling New Poster Released For Dark Twist On Winnie The Pooh

The headline for this article is something I never anticipated writing in my entire life, and yet, here we are. In the year of our Lord 2022, we get our first glimpse at killer Pooh. Winnie The Pooh. A movie that I’m not sure anyone asked for, but everyone will take a glimpse of Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey.

If you ever envisioned a murderous Winnie The Pooh in Hundred Acre Woods, this is exactly what you would imagine. Details on the film have been scarce, but just from looking at the poster, longtime friends Pooh and Piglet look to destroy everything in their path.

Pooh is wielding a bloody sledge hammer that one can only hope is the blood of Rabbit, who never wanted to go along with Pooh’s plans when hanging with all their friends. Dread Central was the first to give fans a look at this nightmarish poster that would send any millennial into a frightened coma.

I expect this movie to be exactly what you see from the first poster. A blood-soaked thrill ride that will have everyone rethinking how they remember their favorite friends from Winnie The Pooh. Someone make sure Christopher Robin doesn’t go see this.

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