Hulu Continues The 2022 Summer Of Dominance With New Hit Show The Old Man

I promise Hulu is not sponsoring me to talk about how great their lineup of new shows has been. Although if their looking for someone to ad to be a spokesperson, don’t be afraid to reach out. With Under The Banner of Heaven and The Bear already receiving high praise from more important people than me, Hulu has another weapon in their arsenal with The Old Man.

First and foremost, anything starring Jeff Bridges has my full attention from when it hits my television screen. I could listen to that man read an obituary and be just as fascinated as seeing him act. Bridges is delivering one of the strongest performances of his legendary run, and with the perfect dancing partner in another Hollywood legend John Lithgow, the show is nonstop suspense. Without giving too much away, just when you think you have the answers, The Old Man changes the questions.

The show drops on Hulu every Friday, and this week will be the sixth episode of the season, with the season-ending next week with its seventh episode. Hulu has hit the correct formula for dramatic television with short seasons full of episodes that care about moving the plot forward instead of giving fans too much filler between great moments. The Old Man is can’t miss television for anyone with a beating heart.


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