How to bet on football on 1xbet: pre-match and live tips

With the rise of betting as well as its promise of profitability, bettors are constantly in search of the best bookmakers in the business. Among the uncountable betting sites, 1xbet remains one of the best sports betting networks in African countries and the world. 

This is due, in part, to the presence of features that make punters place bets more conveniently.  However, due to the wide availability, one of the most popular sports is football, wagers are made one so many tips, over/under tips, draw no bets tips, handicap tips, etc. Other sports include golf, basketball, boxing, American football, tennis, horse racing, and many others.

As you read this article, you will learn how to bet on 1xbet football and why you should definitely give live betting a shot. Also, if you are faint of heart, you will be provided with free bets to help win, like 1×2 predictions, DNB predictions, BTTS predictions, etc.

But before then, it is necessary to know that most punters cash out from wagering on the betting market, using betting tips that help in predicting the best odds for games. For instance, in the Champions League game between Real Madrid vs PSG, tipsters can predict Madrid to win due to a factor like home advantage. If you bet on this, you win since Real won the game. Hence, you can easily observe the importance of tips and predictions, whether they are released before or during the football match.

Top betting markets and odds for football

There are many types of football bets: the easy ones and the not-so-easy ones. After this session, placing bets the right way to find value in the betting markets will not be a thing of difficulty for you. 


1×2: This is a straight bet on outcome type of betting. The bettor just has to predict the team that will win (the home team (1)? the away team?, or if it will be a draw). 1 is usually used if you think the Home team will win, X for a draw,  and 2 if you think the Away team will win. 

Under/Over: This is an easier betting option and is a proper choice for punters who cannot partake in the correct score bet. All punters have to do is predict the total number of goals that will be scored. 

Correct Score: This is the most profitable option in the betting market as players have to rely on their intuitions to predict the outcome of a football match. If they are correct, they win! 

Asian Handicap: This involves a process whereby sports betting company levels the playing field for two teams, by providing a virtual advantage to the underdog. In essence, the weaker teams are given a head-start and the stronger ones are handicapped. 

Draw No Bet: This betting market is another relatively safe one. You have just 2 options to select from, as you have to pick which of the teams wins. If the game ends in a draw, your stake is returned. In essence, the bet is null once the football match ends in a draw, hence, the name. The odds of this betting option are not as low as the double chance but not as high as the standard win-draw-win. This betting option, due to its safety, has led to a plethora of sites that deal with draw no bet tips and DNB predictions, so as to assist punters cash out.

Double Chance: This betting option is regarded as the safest for football betting. It involves you picking two of three outcomes, and winning if the result is any of those 2. It is also known as double outcome betting. 

Outrights/Future: These are long-term betting wagers. They don’t bother themselves with individual sports events, but rather, the result of whole competitions, cups and leagues. An example would be an outright wager on the winner of the 2022 World Cup or the winner of the Serie A.

Accumulating Bet: They are popular among soccer bettors. They involve combining various selections into a single wager. To win the wager, all the selections must be correct. 

What is special about live football betting?

Participating in soccer live bet involves placing wagers on sports events while they are taking place. This changes the whole complexity of betting because instead of predicting what will happen pre-match, you can watch live games and make decisions based on how the respective teams are playing. 

Live football betting provides several wagering possibilities impossible to find on other platforms. An exciting opportunity to wager on each quarter or half of a currently running game. It’s among the alluring features that make live betting more appealing than other betting types.

Also, in every sports event, there is a high probability of suspensions and injuries. Unforeseen circumstances like red cards, yellow cards, and game-altering injuries could occur. When you participate in live betting, however, you have the opportunity to make necessary modifications to your live bet wager. 

And then, there is the opportunity for hedge bets. You might come across this, while rooting for a team to win, by halftime. You are very likely to win the wager if you’re in the lead by a significant margin. By placing high odds, a low-risk wager on the opponent to mount a big comeback in the second half can be made with greater odds. 

How to place a bet on football on 1xbet?

To engage in football betting on 1xbet, you need to have an account first. Follow the steps below to Sign up/Create an Account:

  • Visit the 1XBET website. 
  • Click the registration icon.
  • Select +1Xgames, Casino, Sports, or click cancel to make your choice later.
  • Complete your details, including registration method, a 1xBet promo code (1xCompleteSports) and get a 130% bonus, then click the Register button.

After Creating An Account, it is now time to log in. To do that, simply click the Login button at the top of the 1XBET website. Using the details you earlier provided, fill in the blanks and log in. Once that is done, from the Menu, click on My Account, to access your 1XBET account. Then, you can view your Transaction History and a Summary of all your bets. 

Once all these have been done, you can officially start to bet right away! Simply choose a sport & an event, select the odds and the bet type, place the bet, verify the details of your bet and make a deposit!

From the moment you create a 1xbet Account, you’re entitled to a lot of promo codes, depending on your country of residence. A few of the most popular ones shall be briefly explained, so you can take massive advantage of them. 

First Deposit Bonus: Upon your first deposit into your 1xbet account, the organization credits you with a 100% welcome bonus. To get the best of this, make sure your first deposit is weighty too. This bonus is a one-time privilege though. After your first deposit, you won’t enjoy it any longer. 

$100 Free Bet: This is another freebie given to punters, by the bookmaker. You are only eligible for this bonus after you must have placed over 20 unsuccessful bets, consecutively. You cannot enjoy this bonus, if you are a serial winner or have placed a number of successful bets, among your last 20. With this at the back of your mind, you can keep placing bets, knowing that whether you lose or win, 1xbet has got your back! 

Bet Slip Battle: This feature allows punters to receive bonuses of varying amounts when they place bets from 30 odds and above. Only qualified gamblers who bet on high-risk games are eligible for this bonus.

Top points to consider when doing live betting on football on 1xbet

Participating in live bets beats pre-match bets, any day. This is not only because of the moneymaking opportunities but also because of the entertainment and thrill that results from watching the scores unfold. However, the experience might be confusing. And so, here are a few tips to help you make reasonable decisions. 

  • Make sure to watch the entire football match: Avoid placing bets on sport event slated to take place concurrently. Rather, focus on one, as this could help you identify opportunities that will give you an edge over the competition. 
  • Begin with a pre-match bet: This practice places you in the right state of mind and is the right starting point for the flexibility that live bets demand. 
  • Utilize information resources: Information is power. But this time, it might also be money. Surf through the Internet, Identify patterns and get familiar with historical outcomes. 
  • Use halftime for regrouping: Halftime is critical, during live betting. It is the period for analysing the performance of the bet and re-strategizing if need be. 
  • Manage your bankroll: Placing bets during the football match could lead you into wagering more than you planned. Since you might want to place multiple bets in real-time, you might want to keep track of how much you have at stake—pun, very intended.  
  • Consider hedging your bets: This basically means counterbalancing potential losses with other bets. Although you might offset some wins by doing this, it is a sure-fire way to stay in control of how much you’re willing to risk. 


It might come as a surprise that despite all that 1xbet already has to offer, the organization still has one of the most comprehensive virtual sports portals you will find around. With 1XBet, you will have access to virtual football, virtual horses, virtual greyhounds, virtual rugby, virtual speedways and even virtual camel races. 

The interesting part is that it is possible to place bets on these virtual sports and win real money from them. To achieve this, Golden Race, a virtual gaming company partnered with 1xbet as their official betting partner. 

In conclusion, 1xbet understands the joys of betting and to make sure this joy is kept continuous, the bookmaker has developed a mobile betting app, available for both iOS and Android users. So, be it on a train, at a pub, at a local football match or at work, you can place bets with 1xbet on the go!

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