Under The Banner Of Heaven Series Review

Under The Banner of Heaven is based on the true story of one family who took their religious beliefs to the extreme, leading to the murder of a family member and questioning one’s beliefs. Under The Banner of Heaven is can’t miss television.

Under The Banner of Heaven is based on a true story that follows detective Jacob Pyre (Andrew Garfield) as he tries to solve the murder of Brenda Lafferty and her 15-month-old baby. The murders took place in 1984 in a small town in Utah that had the Mormon religion shaken to its knees.

The casting is the first thing that stands out to me about this show. Everyone seems to fit perfectly into this horrifying puzzle. Garfield delivers a strong performance as detective Pyre, who struggles with his own Mormon beliefs as the story continues to unravel around him about the Laffertys and their dangerous opinion on the religion.

Wyatt Russell continues to solidify himself as one of the best television villains after his appearance in Falcon & The Winter Soldier and his performance as Dan Lafferty in Under The Banner of Heaven. The methodical turn of Dan’s thoughts on his religious beliefs is quite the accomplishment for Russell in this role.

With so many great performances in this series, the one that stands out the most to me is Billy Howle, who portrays Allen Lafferty, the husband of the slain Brenda Lafferty. Howle’s mannerisms inside the interrogation room and his somber tone as the grieving husband made him a perfect partner to Garfield’s sympathetic portrayal of detective Pyre.

If you’re looking for the next binge-worthy show to add to your never-ending list of shows, Under The Banner of Heaven is can’t miss TV. All episodes can be streamed on Hulu, with each episode feeling shorter and shorter as the story of the Lafferty’s unfolds in front of your eyes. This show deserves more praise for the directing and casting to the difficulty of telling a true story without hiding the horrifying truths behind it.

Under The Banner of Heaven Review: 9/10


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