Sports we underestimate

Sports are pretty strenuous and sometimes extreme activities for many of us. But, the most popular sports the whole world knows, someone becomes a professional athlete, a fan of his favorite sport and knows every idol in person.

But did you know that several quirky sports globally are just as popular? The human imagination has no limits, and we can make sure of that by getting acquainted with the most unusual sports in different parts of the world. Even online casino games are considered sports.

Sepaktakrau, jai alai, bossa ball. No, this is not a random set of letters. However, these sports exist and are spread worldwide, with competitions and championships. So we will tell you the essence of these and other sports.

Racing on the beds

  • The U.S. military invented this game in the 1960s.
  • This fun game was loved and became famous.
  • According to the game’s rules, one player is on the bed, and four of her push. The race consists of several stages, and one of them – is crossing the river, so the mattress must be kept on the water.
  • The winner must be the first to cross the finish line.

Alan C. Heison /

Underwater hockey

Underwater hockey was invented by American diving instructor Alan Blake, who wanted to keep himself in shape in the summer. The game’s primary goal is to hit the opponent’s plan at the bottom of the pool. Underwater hockey sticks are almost five times shorter than usual – 30 centimeters, and the puck has a steel core inside. Play two teams of six people (plus four substitutes on the surface). The advantage of underwater hockey is that everyone can play it: regardless of gender, age, or build – the water leveled the playing field. As a result, underwater hockey is rapidly expanding: there are already 228 professional clubs worldwide. In many countries such as Japan, Belgium, France, the United States, and Holland, underwater hockey has developed. Twelve people, wielding short sticks, play hockey at the bottom of a pool full of water. And we must say they manage to score a puck.


Sepaktakrau was first mentioned in 15th-century chronicles, and scenes from the game are depicted on temple frescoes in Thailand. Sepaktakrau is a symbiosis of soccer and volleyball. The teams play with their feet in the ball but over a net. Endurance and stretching are valued in athletes. Impressive tricks in the air, through which athletes first hold the ball and then send it to the opponent’s side. The team consists of three people. Use a lightweight (up to 180 grams) wicker ball to play.

Chess box

Chess box was first learned about from Enki Bilal’s comic novel Froid-Équateur. The game’s concept inspired Dutch performance artist Ipe Rubbing; he brought it to life. He also became the first world champion in the chess box. The hybrid sport develops both the physical and intellectual abilities of a person. Its main idea is to combine chess and boxing. The meeting consists of 11 rounds (odd – chess, even – boxing). Competitors fight in the ring and play chess there.


Skibob is a winter, extreme sport. However, artificial snow can be practiced at any time of year. The first snowmobile was built back in 1892, with a bicycle frame as the basis. It is also responsible for steering the sled. Instead of wheels – skis. Snowbike can reach speeds of over 150 km/h.


Mas-wrestling is a national sport in Yakutia. Two people sit facing each other and rest their feet against a wooden partition. The game rules are straightforward, which can not be said about the course of the game itself. The winner is the one who takes away the stick from an opponent. The fight lasts until one of the athletes wins in two rounds.


Wrestling includes such sports as Greco-Roman and freestyle, for example. Only the torso is used in Greco-Roman wrestling, and it is forbidden to engage the legs and attack the opponent’s lower body. In freestyle wrestling, you use both hands and feet. Each of the opponents tries to put the other on their back with the help of grapples, throws, overturns, and underhooks and wins. Grabs and throws look impressive – not for nothing has wrestling been on the Olympic program since 1896.

Dolphin Races

Oceanariums in the United States are the most popular places for this exciting competition. Because of the large number of people who want to participate, they have to sign up in advance. The primary condition is the weight of the participant. It must not exceed 50kg. Every year, the number of those wishing to participate in the race increases because human-dolphin contact is always attractive.

Climbing the palm trees

If you want to climb a coconut palm, you have to go to Fiji’s island, where such competitions are held annually. After giving the international competition status, the organizers set the standard length of the tree. The winner must climb the palm tree the fastest. In the 1980s, an octogenarian from West Saoma set the record. Unfortunately, his climbing speed was only five seconds. His reward was $100.

Swimming in the Swamp

At one time, Steve Mendolo won such competition by swimming two lengths of a sixty-meter swamp. Wading through algae and fighting off leeches and newts, the swimmer even set a record.


Shooting at pins

Wooden pins carry out archery. The bow can be a sports bow, as well as homemade. It is a favorite competition of Asians; sometimes, they are arranged before the classic archery tournaments.

Soccer in boots

This sport was born in Ulan-Ude. It is authentic soccer, but it is played on a small field and boots. These felt boots must all be size 40.

The game of conker

What is conker? It is a horse’s chestnut fruit suspended on a string. The goal of the game is to break your opponent’s conker. The player must be quick and agile to be the first to break the opponent’s fruit. The small British village of Ashton in Northamptonshire attracts fans of the game every October for the World Championships.

The Todd River Race

This fun event is held in Alice Springs, Australia. If you’ve ever seen a Dragonboat race, imagine the same thing happening not on the water but land. More than 20 teams are competing to win. There’s no bottom in dragon boats; the goal is for the players to make it to the finish line without falling over once.

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