How to Hold a Cigar

Holding a cigar comes subconsciously, but if you are a beginner, you might want to learn the different ways to hold a cigar. If you are confused on which hand to use, where to place the fingers and how to have a firm but safe hold of your cigar, this article will guide you. 

It is important to note that these methods are flexible; therefore, you can tweak one or two to a way you can keep up with them. The idea is to ensure you have a firm hold of the cigar but not too tight to crash it. 

Between the Thumb and Forefinger

This is one of the most common methods involving the forefinger wrapping around the cigar. The thumb acts as a support to ensure a firm, secure hold of the cigar. This method is standard among seasoned cigar smokers as it takes practice to master and implement. 

Cigar aficionados that use this method are considered highly sociable and inviting to a conversation. The method is practical and works perfectly for thick-ring gauge cigars that need support throughout. 

The Pinch

This is another standard method of holding a cigar whereby you place the cigar between the thumb and the forefinger. It appears as if you are gently pinching the tobacco, but in essence, you are ensuring proper support for a firm hold. 

When using this method, ensure the pinch is gentle to ensure minimal pressure on the cigar. The idea is to hold it tight enough to prevent it from falling off your hands but not too firm to crash it. 

The Triple Support

This method is simple and a perfect one for beginners. It requires you to place the forefinger and the middle finger on the cigar band while the thumb offers support from below. This method ensures a comfortable hold where you have control with your fingers. 

If you are trying to learn how to hold a cigar firmly for an extended period, this method can help you understand that. You only need to ensure the forefinger and the middle finger are gentle on the cigar to prevent crushing it below with the thumb. 

The Respect Method

This method requires you to use all your fingers to hold the cigar. You need to hold the cigar with four fingers on the cigar and the thumb supporting from below. This is considered the most respectful method of holding a cigar as it is gentle on the band. 

Using all the fingers ensures you provide maximum support on the cigar. It pays respect to the process of crafting cigars by ensuring you have the safest hold of the cigar.

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister method requires you to hold the cigar between the teeth. It was named after Winston Churchill, the famous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He would have his lips wrapped around a tobacco stick, hence why this method was dedicated to him.

It is easy to do; however, some cigar aficionados disapprove of this method as it devalues the class and craft of cigars. 

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