Psychology Behind Playing Games

It’s safe to say that video games are more popular than ever. People of all ages play games as developers have realized that there are many demographics they can appeal to. But what in us makes us want to play games? Read on to find out about some psychology behind playing games.

Playing is fun

First and foremost, it’s simple – gaming is fun. After a long day at work, where we had to do repetitive movements in the factory, sign countless documents that all look the same, or deal with unpleasant customers, a break is more than necessary. What better to cheer us up than some fun games, no matter if they’re on our smartphones, tablets, or computers. As games come in all sorts of genres, from simulation to action-adventure, it’s easy to find something entertaining and immersive.

They are full of novelty

Besides entertainment, games provide us with novelty and variety. Stuck in a cubicle from nine to five gets boring quite quickly, especially because we don’t get to do many new things and have new experiences. By playing video games—for instance, massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like World of Warcraft—we get to complete quests and explore new territories, make new friends and create alliances, and obtain various shiny items.

Games help us master some skills

Mastering certain skills is a great benefit of playing games. For instance, when we opt for a strategy game like Crusader Kings III, we are working on our problem-solving skills. Working out the best way to win such a game or even just solve a puzzle game can help us become better at finding solutions for various issues and obstacles we encounter in real life.

It puts us in control

People also like to play games because they let them be in control. For example, there are games like The Sims 4 where we are given complete control in terms of creating the character we will play with, from their looks and characteristics to their aspirations and everyday actions. Even shooter games, open-world adventures, and various other genres put us in charge of what is happening and help us feel better about our lives that we often feel we have no control over.

They give us the freedom to explore and be creative

In addition to The Sims 4, games like Minecraft, Rust, and Ark also allow players to build and create, which is something that many people appreciate. From a young age, we build structures with Lego blocks, castles from sand, and even houses from cards. Technology took this to a whole new level and we are able to create everything from playable characters to ever-expanding worlds.

We can take various risks

Taking risks in real life is not always the best course of action. However, in a game environment, taking risks is not so serious. For instance, influential games like League of Legends and Fortnite are exciting exactly because they are risky and can result in a loss of the game. On the other hand, if you do something risky in titles like Grand Theft Auto, you will have to evade the police or face the consequences.

It provides us with a safe environment to fail

The great thing about taking risks in games is that they provide us with a safe place to fail. If we make the wrong move while strategizing, we are not put in any kind of danger. We get to try again and again until we succeed. Moreover, we get to learn that failure is part of life and not the end of the world. That means that we can transfer this skill to the real world.

Games encourage healthy competition

Competition is another aspect of gaming that people love. Everything from racing to MOBA or online casino games brings a healthy dose of competition. Individuals who, for instance, love playing casino games both against other people and against the computer often report a great excitement from the gameplay and a rush to outsmart a person or a computer found across them. Websites like offer various casino games such as poker and slots where players can work on their skills and feel accomplished when they win.

We can make friends

Many people have difficulties meeting new people in real life. But meeting someone online is not as scary, as playing a game together can serve as a bonding experience. Collaborating and sharing a common goal can bring us a lot closer to the people we know and even those we don’t know. Whether we’re playing Rainbow 6: Siege or The Elder Scrolls, we can easily communicate through Discord and develop the best strategy.

They help us see the progress we’ve made

We all like to see the progress we’ve made toward something. So, no matter if it’s a skill that we’ve picked up through gaming or going up a level, we’re going to feel incentivized to continue developing in order to reach more milestones and get certain rewards.

There are various reasons why people choose to play games. From being fun and educational to making friends and being allowed to fail, games provide us with many outlets.

Time running out for Korda as Ko forges ahead in race to become player of the year
Time running out for Korda as Ko forges ahead in race to become player of the year
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