The Best Jobs in Different Cultures

There’s an old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” It’s an apt concept when one considers that each major cultural tradition has its own ideas about what are the best, most rewarding ways to spend a career. In the Western nations, physicians top the list, but that’s not the case in other cultures. For instance, in Asia, classroom teachers are among the most respected and well-compensated of all professionals. And in India, scientists tend to get the most respect from others for the work they do. While Europeans place a high value on the practice of psychology and teaching at the university level, Australians view lawyers and emergency workers as enjoying the pinnacle of career prestige. Here’s a closer look at each of the best jobs in the five principal global cultural groups.

Asia: Teachers

Many Westerners who spend time in Asia, either as long-term residents or frequent visitors, are surprised to discover that the teaching profession is considered a much higher, and better compensated, calling that in other places. Of course, this fact only applies to free societies whose citizens don’t live in totalitarian societies. But, in countries like Japan, South Korea, The Chinese Republic of Taiwan, and Thailand, adults who choose teaching careers earn good pay, enjoy lucrative benefits packages, and are revered by their fellow citizens.

The West: Physician

In places like Canada and the U.S., doctors have long been at the top of the career status heap. Perhaps that’s why so many people struggle to earn excellent grades in college and qualify to enter medical school. If you aim high, and intend to earn a medical degree after finishing college, the smartest move to make is to apply for a loan via a private lender. In fact, medical school loans are the primary way the vast majority of future physicians pay for their post-graduate education. Private lending sources offer competitive terms and rates for med school attendees in all specialties.

India: Scientists

In India, the scientific community is growing fast and includes a number of sub-categories like medical research, biological testing, academic research, and more. In less than 50 years, India’s society and economy has transitioned to the point where science and related fields are at the forefront of careers for anyone with determination and the right academic credentials.

Europe: Psychologist or College Professor

The academic and medical fields have long held sway in European culture. A century ago, for example, Germany was the global center of medicine and scientific research. Even today, in countries like France, Germany, Poland, and Italy, top careers, both in terms of pay and social prestige, include psychology, university professorships, and similar areas of study. This can be an incredibly enriching choice as you have the unique opportunity to help teens develop good study habits as well as lifestyle ones that will serve them in the future as they become adults and professionals. 

Australia: Lawyers

The legal profession has been at the top of the career pecking order for decades in Australia, and it remains so today. In fact, the entire legal network of judges, research assistants, law school instructors, courtroom staff, and legal investigators represent a top tier of jobs regularly sought out by Australian citizens who want to earn a secure income from the time they begin working until they retire.

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