Pesticides and Their Harmfulness to Bees

Enter a garden or a field, and you will see a swarm of honey bees hovering over blooming flowers. Bees love to sit on flowers and extract sugary fluids. These days people spend more time on their mobile phones and television. You are probably too busy playing 50 euro no deposit, and that’s precisely why you did not notice the important role a bee plays in the environment. The honey we eat is not a blessing from God – bees collect nectar from flowers, and that’s how this sweet delicacy is made. 

Would you be able to make honey without the presence of bees? That’s not possible! There are five ways in which the bees help the environment. These include: 

  1. Bees can predict storms. You will only see them on a bright and sunny day. 
  2. Bees pollinate most of our food. They protect almonds, apples, strawberries, broccoli, cotton, cucumber, etc. 
  3. Natural pollination can improve the overall quality of the crop. The bees are helping farmers as well. When bees pollinate strawberries, you get a juicier, tastier, and evenly-shaped berry on your table. 
  4. If there were no bees, there would be a $5.7 billion economic drop annually. They help with natural pollination and also produce honey. 

If you think hard, bees are important for our survival. We would not get fresh, ripe, and tasty fruits and vegetables without bees. Honey is an excellent ingredient to get brighter skin and also helps with the weight loss process. Sadly, honey bees are in danger. Farmers have been embracing pesticides in their fields which could cause harm to honey bees. How does it cause harm? Keep reading to find out. 

Bees & The Evil Pesticide 

Bees consume nectar, pollen, and water to survive. These may contain pesticides. When bees get exposed to harmful pesticides through the collection of resources like pollen and nectar, it may cause harm to them. 

Congress’s representatives are concerned about the sudden decline of the bee population. Thus, they have introduced a new act called ‘Save America’s Pollinators.’ The act aims to suspend the usage of neonicotinoids. The congress representatives believe that bees contribute to the country’s economy. 

When exposed to harmful pesticides, bees can die. If the population of bees keeps decreasing, there will be no luscious crops or honey. Usually, a product comes with instructions and possible dangers. Please read the label and see if it is safe for bees. 

How to Resolve the Problem of Decline in the Bee Population? 

There will be a major decline in the economy because honey bees are quite useful to society. Homeowners should inspect whether there are any pests before using a pesticide. You can also avoid using pesticides during the night or early in the morning when the bees are not foraging. They enter the field or the garden in bright daylight, so in case you have to use any insecticide or pesticide – choose a time that does not cause harm to them. 

Avoid spraying and embrace the ground application. This way, you will be able to save bees and not harm them in any way. With these tips, you may be able to save the bees in your surroundings. Make sure you share this information with as many people so that they do not harm the bees.

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